2011 Sermons

December 25, Christmas Day: Home for Christmas [Listen]
Luke 2:39-40, Rev. Dean Snyder

December 24, Christmas Eve: Room in the Inn [Listen]
Luke 2:1-14, Rev. Dean Snyder

December 18, We Can End Homelessness Sunday: Room in the Inn [Listen]
Luke 2:1-8, Bishop John Schol and Rosanne Haggerty

December 11, Children's Christmas Pageant: The Inn [Listen]
Luke 2:1-7, Rev. Dean Snyder

December 4: The Manger [Read] [Listen]
Luke 2:8-14, Rev. Dean Snyder

November 27 : Because there was no place for him [Read] [Listen]
Luke 2:1-8, Rev. Dean Snyder

November 24 : The Inconvenience of Thanksgiving [Read]
Matthew 6:25-33, Rev. Theresa S. Thames

November 20: Consecration Sunday [Listen]
Genesis 12: 1-3; John 3: 14-17, Rev. Dr. Anders R. Lunt 

November 13: State of the Church Address [Listen]
Dean Snyder will share how Foundry as a church is doing
Romans 12: 9-18, Rev. Dean Snyder 

November 6, All Saints Sunday: “A Call to Remembrance” Music Special
Can We Still Cry? [Read] [Listen]
John 11: 17-21, 30-35, Rev. Dean Snyder

October 30: Hope that Saves [Read[Listen]
Psalm 131 , Rev. Dean Snyder

October 23: Hope in Trouble [Read] [Listen]
Psalm 31:21-24 , Rev. Dean Snyder

October 16: Have Hope [Listen]
Romans 15: 4-13, Rev. Dawn M. Hand

October 9: God's word – public and private: The difference between spirituality and prophecy [Read] [Listen]
I Corinthians 14:13-25, Rev. Dean Snyder

October 2, World Communion Sunday: Testing for God's word: Discerning the prophetic [Read] [Listen]
I Thessalonians 5:12-24, Rev. Dean Snyder

September 25, A Celebration of Inclusion: Coming Home for the First Time [Listen]
Psalm 139:1-4, 13-14, The First Letter of John 4:7-8, 11-12, 18-21, The Gospel of Mark 12:28-34
Special Preacher: Rev. Jimmy Creech

September 18: Fire in my bones: How prophecy disrupts the status quo [Read] [Listen]
Jeremiah 20:7-13, Rev. Dean Snyder

September 11: How to do a new thing: How prophecy creates change [Read] [Listen]
Isaiah 43:15-21, Rev. Dean Snyder

September 4, Labor Day: God's word here and now: What is prophecy? [Listen]
I Corinthians 14:1-5, Rev. Dawn Hand

August 28: Temptation: Why idealism becomes hypocrisy [Read] [Listen]
Matthew 23:25-36, Rev. Dean Snyder

August 21: Temptation: Why trust becomes abusive [Read]
Matthew 23:1-15, Rev. Dean Snyder [Listen]

August 14: Temptation: Why expertise becomes irrelevance [Read] [Listen]
Matthew 9:1-13, Rev. Dean Snyder

August 7: Temptation: Why truth becomes arrogance [Read] [Listen]
Matthew 15:1-28, Rev. Dean Snyder

July 31: The Last Word on Pluralism [Listen]
Revelation 22:12-21, Rev. Dr. Brad Braxton, McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL

July 24: To Make Ourselves Human [Listen]
Mark 8: 27-37, Rev. Dr. Christine M. Smith, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, New Brighton, MN

July 17: How Can We Keep From Singing  [Listen]
Acts 16:16-40, Dr. Randall Miller, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA

July 10: Walking Upright Anyway [Read] [Listen]
Luke 13:1-17Rev. Dr. Sofiyah Fosua, UMC General Board of Discipleship, Nashville, TN

July 3: Down by the River [Listen]
Genesis 32:22-32, Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Long , Candler School of Theology, Atlanta, GA

June 26: Street Hope [Read] [Listen]
Revelation 21:15-26 , Rev. Dean Snyder

June 19: Jesus Outside the Gate [Listen]
Hebrews 13:12-16 , Thomas Kemper Preaching, General Secretary of GBGM

June 12, Pride/Pentecost Sunday: Hope Wins [Read] [Listen]
Revelation 21:1-7 , Rev. Dean Snyder

June 5: Hope and Evil [Read] [Listen]
Revelation 20:7-15, Rev. Dean Snyder

May 29: Hope and Struggle [Read[Listen
Revelation 12:7-17, Rev. Dean Snyder
The video refered to in the sermon can be viewed here.

May 22Youth Sunday: A Hopeful Generation [Listen]
Jeremiah 29:10-14 , Zach Warren Preaching

May 15: Hope from the Margins [Read] [Listen]
Revelation 7:9-1, Rev. Dean Snyder

May 8: Outrageous Hope [Listen]
Revelation 5:6-14, Rev. Dee Lowman

May 1: Strange Hope [Read] [Listen]
Revelation 1:9-20, Jana Meyer

April 24, Easter: Easter Break Fast [Read] [Listen]
John 21:9-14, Rev. Dean Snyder

April 22, Good Friday: The Rending of the Veil
Matthew 27:51-53, Rev. Dee Lowman

April 21, Maundy Thursday: Sitting on Thrones [Read
Luke 22:14-18; 28-30, Rev. Dean Snyder

Lenten Money Fast, April 17, Palm Sunday: Prayer and Money [Read] [Listen]
Mark 11:15-18, Rev. Dean Snyder

Lenten Money Fast, April 10: Love and Money [Read[Listen]
Acts 3:1-10, Rev. Dean Snyder

Lenten Money Fast, April 3: Can’t Get No Satisfaction [Read] [Listen]
Philippians 4:15-20, Rev. Dean Snyder

Lenten Money Fast, March 27: Desire and Contentment [Read] [Listen]
I Timothy 6:6-10, Rev. Dean Snyder

Lenten Money Fast, March 20: Money is Time [Read] [Listen]
Mark 6:30-44, Rev. Dean Snyder

Lenten Money Fast, March 13: Oh, How I Love Starbucks [Read] [Listen]
Isaiah 58:6-11, Rev. Dean Snyder

March 6: The Secret of Old and New [Read] [Listen]
Matthew 13: 51-53, Rev. Dean Snyder

February 27The Secret of Buying and Selling [Read] [Listen]
Matthew 13:44-45, Rev. Dean Snyder

February 20The Secret of Fermentation [Read] [Listen]
Matthew 13:31-33, Rev. Dean Snyder

February 13The Secret of Patient Growth [Read] [Listen]
Matthew 13:24-30, Rev. Dean Snyder

February 6The Secret of Sowing Extravagantly [Read] [Listen]
Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23, Rev. Dean Snyder

January 30Daniel: Life in the Lion's Den [Read] [Listen]
Daniel 6:14-28, Rev. Dean Snyder

January 23Daniel: Telling the King Bad News [Read] [Listen]
Daniel 4:18-27, Rev. Dean Snyder

January 16, MLK SundayDaniel: Telling the World its Dream [Read] [Listen]
Daniel 2:25-30, Rev. Dean Snyder
Guest Speaker: Marian Wright Edelman [Listen]

January 9Daniel: Excelling in Exile [Read] [Listen]
Daniel 1:17-21, Rev. Dean Snyder

January 2Daniel: Exile in a Palace [Read] [Listen]
Daniel 1:8-16, Rev. Dean Snyder