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Current Fall 2017 Classes

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Here at Foundry Church we strive to be a people who ‘love God, love each other, and change the world’ through all that we do. This includes calling, equipping, and sending spiritual leaders for the church and world. Said a different way, we want to help form and equip faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. What does that mean? By discipleship we mean: the ongoing process, initiated and guided by the Holy Spirit, in which we are living into God’s love for us and the world. Discipleship is lived out in the covenant relationships that help cultivate in us the things Jesus embodied—love of God, love of one another, and transformational witness and service in the world.

Discipleship begins in the covenant of baptism, our promise to live and grow as a follower of Jesus, and continues as we engage our faith critically and creatively. No matter where you are on your journey, we have opportunities for you to do that here at Foundry.

Here you’ll find an incomplete and ever increasing list of ways to:

  • wade out into the waters of your baptism, and find easy-to-engage opportunities for learning, growing, and building relationships.
  • dive in to vows of baptism, opportunities to be more engaged, and commit to longer-term ways of growing and living as a disciple.
  • go deep as a disciple of Jesus Christ, engaging in long-term and ongoing ways to stay committed and critically engaged as disciples at all ages and stages.

Fall 2017 Classes

You are invited to join the new and exciting adult classes beginning in September. Additional information about the content, leaders and registration are available in the Community Commons on Sunday mornings.

To register for our Fall Class offerings, please click here.

To explore our small groups, fellowship groups, and servant leadership opportunities, please click here.

Sundays from 10:10 - 11:05 AM

Retrieving the Classics of Christian Tradition: Selections from G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis and Josef Pieper uses three authors’ prescient and relevant pastoral advice for living a Christian life in modern secular culture. (Oct. 8 - Dec. 17)

Practicing Spirituality explores multiple spiritual practices that enable development and maturation of a Christian life. (Ongoing)

Sundays from 12:30 - 1:45 PM

Fantastic Biblical Beasts and Where to Find Them studies Biblical references to real and mythical creatures to understand and deconstruct ancient worldviews and discover their influence on modern theology. Class guide. (Oct. 29 - Dec. 10 except Nov. 26)

Sermon Reflection invites participants to share responses, expand thoughts and process meaning from the morning’s sermon. (Sept. 17 - Dec. 17)

Wednesday Evenings

Disciple 1 a long-term, in-depth study of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament that meets on Wednesdays from 6:30-8pm. This course requires registration and is currently closed for the semester.

Wednesday Evening Advent Worship Join us as we await the coming of the Christ Child this Advent season with a contemplative worship service including Scripture, candlelight, and communion at 6:30pm in the sanctuary. For more information, email Pastor Will at

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