Advocacy Exchange

Advocacy Exchange

Foundry’s Sacred Resistance team is nearly a year old; the work is even older. Last January energy was high and it seemed that there was a march or a protest every week. But marches and protests can only go so far when it comes to effecting meaningful change.  

Moving forward, our efforts must be more focused. Instead of coming up with one action per week, we will be more selective and pick one area of engagement per month and offer trainings and teachings. And now, we are putting energy into nurturing our fledgling church advocacy exchange.

The basic idea is for Foundry to use its geographical proximity to power to be an in-person voice on Capitol Hill on behalf of church partners elsewhere (initial letter to other churches, legistlative priorities). Why? Because consistent, persistent, engagement and relationship helps create change. Whether it is a church in San Diego that wants to tell their congressman that they protest the proposed elimination of Medicaid coverage for poor families or a congregation in Kentucky that feels strongly about immigration, Foundry members can be the in-person representatives on Capitol Hill. As church partners set-up the initial asks in their home districts, we can be the follow-up here in D.C.

We’ve sent out some introductory letters to various churches across the country who have already expressed interest. Now it’s your turn, and there are two things you can do.

  • Reach out to churches you know who might be interested in partnering with us.
  • Be a designated liaison for a church—stay in touch, agree to carry their concern to Capitol Hill, or even help host those who come to Washington to speak for themselves.

There is important work to be done to amplify the call for justice. Can you help? Please contact us at for more information.  

Interested in joining Foundry as a partner church?

Situated steps away from the seat of the U.S. government, Foundry UMC has a unique opportunity—and responsibility—to speak truth to power. In this time of increasing isolation and disconnection, we recognize that faithful voices must be raised together in unity—both in Washington, DC and across the country—if we want to make change.


We cannot do this alone. Therefore we are working with congregations and committees like yours to create a collaborative to advocate for our shared values. We want to hear about priorities you have in your community. In order to guide our efforts we have identified legislative priorities based on the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church and Foundry’s core values. Our vision is to work with partners, so that policies of mercy, justice, and peace are promoted while those which do harm are opposed.

By joining this partnership, we would collaborate in the following ways:

  1. We would support each other in advocating for the legislative priorities identified with help from the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church and the General Board of Church and Society. Our advocacy efforts together will focus around these subject areas, in no particular order, and/or other areas of alignment. Based on your community’s own legislative priorities or issues of concern we would advocate on your behalf on Capitol Hill to amplify your efforts at home
  2. Dedicated partners would work to communicate timely information about federal legislation
  3. Send alerts if legislators need to hear from you district offices or town hall gatherings
  4. Trainings can be provided to equip teams for effective advocacy on federal legislation
  5. You would organize in-district actions and let us know how we could support you   
  6. We would provide you with hospitality if you come to Washington, DC for advocacy activities
  7. Build relationships through mutual prayer and our service work

If you would like more information, or would like to join us in partnering on this important work, please contact us at for more information.