February News Regarding the Foundry Management Board

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Roof Ready for Solar Panels, Mission Possible Construction Awaits Building Permits, Stewardship Year-Round

The Foundry Management Board, a nine-person elected group, meets monthly to discuss and make decisions regarding the management of the church. This report covers the February 2016 meeting.

At its regular monthly meeting on February 23, the Foundry Board received progress reports from various committees on a variety of church-related topics.


Building Issues

  • The roof of the education wing has been resurfaced and is ready to have solar panels installed.
  • As of February 23, Mission Possible contractors were awaiting building permits for the renovation of Foundry’s fellowship wing from the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. Work cannot continue until the permits are in hand.
  • The balcony of the sanctuary will be closed for several weeks – including Easter Sunday – because of construction requirements.


Money Matters

  • Although January revenues fell $25,000 short of budget, monthly revenues exceeded expenses, producing a month-end surplus.
  • Pledges to the 2016 general operating fund are within $33,000 of the budgeted goal. There was no discussion of any changes to the 2016 budget as approved in December.
  • More than $400,000 in pledges to Mission Possible remain unfulfilled. Individuals who have not paid their pledges are being contacted.
  • A gift of more than $60,000 from an estate will be deposited in the Strategic Investment Fund.
  • Stewardship will become a year-round theme rather than an end-of-year process. Monthly stewardship messages will be part of Sunday services.
  • Pastor Ginger will make an Lenten appeal for financial support for the Foundry choirs and LGBTQ advocacy efforts for the 2016 General Conference.
  • Payroll processing maybe brought back in-house. The outsourcing to ADP has resulted in added staff work and delays in clergy W2 forms.



  • Pastors Ginger and Dawn will represent respective annual conferences at the United Methodist General Conference in Portland, Oregon in May. More than 20 Foundry members, including a number of choir members, also will attend the conference.
  • On Saturday, March 5, Foundry will host a citywide gathering to rally for fighting homelessness in the area. Mayor Muriel Bowser will attend the meeting.



~ Prepared and submitted by Stan Wellborn for the Mission Possible Communications Team