Foundry Issues Statement of Support

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Foundry United Methodist Church is a historic, progressive church in Washington, D.C. that welcomes all, worships joyfully, follows Jesus Christ in challenging the status quo, and seeks to transform the world through God's love. Drawing upon long-established Christian traditions and particularly those of the Wesleyan movement, Foundry aspires to be a source of positive change within those who come through our doors, within our denomination, within Christianity and in the world.  We stand with all other churches and clergy who are living out their calling to be in ministry with all of God’s children.

One part of Foundry's witness is as a voice for the inclusion of LGBTQ persons in the life and ministry of the church and a voice for the full equality of LGBTQ persons in the civil sphere.  Foundry seeks to provide a safe space for all of God’s children to learn and grow to love God, love each other, and change the world.

We give thanks to God for the continued work of the Holy Spirit in raising up leaders in Christ's church. Many persons, including LGBTQ persons, have received a call to ordained ministry while at Foundry. We cherish and celebrate these sons and daughters. Others have come to our community seeking to share their gifts in a community where they are fully welcome. Today we give thanks for one sister in Christ, T.C. Morrow, who first came to Foundry while a student at Wesley Theological Seminary. Already having discerned a call to ordained ministry, our church leaders and congregation voted to support TC in this call. We have supported her from the beginning. We are grateful for the variety of ways she has shared her gifts in our faith community.

We celebrate with T.C. as she has been recommended for commissioning as a Provisional Deacon by the Board of Ordained Ministry of the Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church. T.C. brings a passion for equipping people to put their faith into action in the world and has long been involved in advocacy work professionally and personally. T.C. is Director of Finance and Operations at the National Religious Campaign Against Torture.  For a decade she was a volunteer chaplain at an assisted living facility, leading worship services twice monthly. T.C. has served on Foundry’s Church Council, Worship Committee and Communications Committee. She was a leader on Foundry’s middle school mission trip the last two summers, has served on the planning committee and assisted in facilitation for the Foundry Women’s Retreat, and has organized numerous special worship services and prayer vigils for Foundry and the broader community. She is part of Foundry’s Opt-In: Engaging Faith for Racial Justice ministry and served for several years as the chair of Foundry’s Green Team.  She serves on the Foundry LGBT Advocacy Team, which is focused on moving the church towards a position of being inclusive of all of God’s children, and she serves on the steering committee of the Baltimore-Washington Area Reconciling United Methodists (BWARM).  She has also served as a Lay Member of the Annual Conference for the last seven years.

T.C. and her wife, Logan Alley, have been active in the Foundry community since 2002. Both are life-long United Methodists and are committed to being part of the United Methodist Church’s vital ministries well into the 21st century.

We look forward to filling seats at Annual Conference with Foundry members as T.C. is commissioned as a Provisional Deacon in June. The next step in the process for this year's candidates for commissioning is a vote by the Clergy Executive Session of the Annual Conference. We are grateful for the time devoted by members of the Board of Ordained Ministry in consideration of all the candidates before them. Our prayers continue for our United Methodist connection and the ways in which our connection is part of God's mission in the world.

We celebrate the many members of Foundry who have answered a call in ordained ministry. Our blessings go with them on their journey.

~ Foundry UMC Team