Welcome to Foundry's I.D. Ministry!

Imago Dei Ministry & Foundry's mission to help neighbors in Washington, DC:
We believe all persons are created in God’s image, the imago dei, it is part of our common identity. Within our society we have systems that often distort and devalue the identities of our neighbors. One of those systems is the need to carry identification documents in order to receive employment, housing, or services. Foundry’s ID & Walk-in Ministry seeks to restore to neighbors in need the documents necessary to obtain jobs, housing, education, or services in the community.

The ID Ministry takes place each Friday morning and the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month.

**Please note:
Foundry United Methodist Church does not issue birth certificates or IDs, only the DMV and offices of vital records can issue official documents. The work of the ID Ministry team is to support clients financially and logistically as they pursue their documents.

How to set an appointment:
Online appointment scheduling is opened one week in advance on Fridays, and whenever possible, additional appointments are opened on Wednesdays for that same coming Friday. When attempting to set an appointment, if the drop-down menu indicates "closed" then Foundry's ID Ministry is completely booked for those dates. You will have to wait until the next opening of appointment slots.

Please do not call asking to get your clients in if there are no available appointments.

Greetings, our registration system has changed slightly. If you are a social service agency please note that your log-in information has not changed. Please update any bookmarks to reflect the new web address (foundryumc.org/fridaymission). If you need to be reminded of your log-in information please contact Ben Roberts or call 202.332.4010. We have a much shorter process now and hope that will help reduce the amount of time spent making referrals. At the end of your registration you will not receive a confirmation number, but we will have your name on the list when you arrive on Friday.