Witness: The Mullins Family


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mullins family 11-11-12

The Mullins family: Todd, Lynn, Kate, Michael, Sean and Meaghan

Transcript for the hearing impaired:

Todd:  Hello, Lynn and I have been at Foundry since 1989. It is not an exaggeration to say that most of the important moments of my adult life have occurred or been celebrated in this building. Lynn and I were married right here (indicating) and so like many of us my earliest strong connections to this place began here, in the sanctuary. But, like many of you, as my relationship with Foundry has grown, my experiences began to move around the entire building. In my own case, the few instances in my adult life where I have been a part of something big that was really trying to transform the world, it happened here at Foundry and in meetings and conferences that occurred over in the other parts of the building.

Lynn:  For me, Foundry started off as a place where I could sit quietly and anonymously in the back of the sanctuary and let go of the worries of the week. It gave me a place to slow down and ponder the deep questions. Over time, as Todd and I chose to raise our children here, Foundry became the place where we were surrounded by a loving, supportive community that represented and lived out what we believed was important. Now, Foundry is a place where my children can, as teenagers, or almost teenagers,  ponder the deep questions.

Kate:  About four years ago, my appendix ruptured, and I was in and out of the hospital for nearly five months. People here that I didn’t even know were taking the time to pray for me. They made me, a very scared 14 year old girl, feel better as I opened up handmade cards and gifts from Foundry people. Foundry is full of great kindness and wonderful people, people who I consider to be my family.

Michael:  My brother and sisters and I are in the choir here. When we step up here to sing, there may be a couple times when we don’t hit the right pitches or we take the wrong breathes, but, one thing I know about the Foundry community, is that no matter what happens, I will look out and see a couple hundred faces smiling back at me..

Sean:  I like to sit alone in the columbarium, reading the names of the walls and even sometimes listening from there to the sounds of the service that is going in the sanctuary. I imagine the lives of the people whose names adorn the walls and I wonder what names will be there when I’m gone. Thinking of the history of Foundry’s congregation helps me to remember that I have a home not just in the buildingbut in the legacy of all who have called this church home.

Meaghan:  I have grown up at Foundry and it has been like a second home to me. My experience at Foundry has shown me that this church is a welcoming environment. People always seem happy to see you. Even though the building itself is changing, the people themselves will be just as welcoming.

Wrap up by Todd:  Our family has been greatly enriched by these experiences in and around Foundry. Future generations of people at Foundry can also be enriched. And that is what Mission Possible is about.

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