June News Regarding the Foundry Management Board

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Foundry Management Board Refines Processes for Effective Practice

The Foundry Management Board, a nine-person elected group, meets monthly to discuss and make decisions regarding the management of the church.

Members present at the June meeting were Paula Blair, Louise Franklin, Cheryl Gibbs, Matt Hansen, Sam Kilpatrick, Beth Scott, P.J. Taylor, and Gwen Williamson. Also present were Pastor Dawn Hand, Larry Slagle, member of the Personnel Committee, and Samantha Sweeney, Doug Steele, and Leigh Carter, new board members who begin service in July.

Management Board Policies and Procedures

As the Board transitions to new membership, policies and procedures are being put into place based on past experience and recognized need for change. Three areas discussed and voted on at this meeting are:

  • Recommendations. The Personnel Committee presented a report that included definition of its key purposes, such as providing advice to pastors, evaluation of the senior pastor, review of staff reviews before they go to staff members, an employee handbook, and an alternative avenue for complaints from congregants. The report also enumerated goals for the senior pastor and shared a compensation study still in progress. This report will provide a starting point for the new Personnel Committee: all current members of the Committee on the Board are finished with their terms.
  • Strategic Planning. An Annual Strategic Planning Framework has been established to attend to self-assessment, compliance, finances, nominations, performance management, ministry and missions, programs, and strategic planning. Identified questions under each category will be addressed according to a monthly calendar. Inputs, meetings, and outputs categorized by Board, staff, and congregation frame the process. The new plan will be phased in from 2016-2018. The Board strongly affirmed the new framework.
  • Charters. Each Board committee will have a written charter to keep its work accurate and aligned. Charters for the Governance Committee, Audit Committee, and the Personnel Committee, with technical amendments for clarity, were discussed and affirmed.

Financial Reports

The treasurer reported that Foundry had a final net operating loss for 2015 of $19,720. The May 2016 deficit was $41,653. The 2016 yearly operating deficit is $52,653. Reserves are within established guidelines.

The audit report included explanation of the full written report. In 2015 66 percent of Foundry’s $1.9 million budget was used for programs (including program staff personnel costs), 25 percent for management, and 9 percent for fundraising.  Changes in practice put in place based on the annual letter from external auditors include separation of duties regarding payroll (two staff persons now involved), security for signed checks, and the ongoing generation of a financial procedures manual. Mission Possible funds are now separated from revenues so that they can be capitalized over the life of the project. 


Mission Possible Update

Mission Possible is currently running a deficit of $562,952.88. The Board emphasized that it is important for the congregation to be fully engaged in resolving this problem. Pastor Ginger, Pastor Dawn, the Stewardship Ministry Team, and the Mission Possible Ministry Team need to continue active solicitation of funding in multiple ways.

Restrooms and childcare spaces are close to being open for use.

The process for tile restoration of tile includes four steps: cleaning of surface dirt, cleaning of embedded dirt, matching tiles, and laying tile.

Other Business

Declining attendance at Sunday worship is a concern. New scheduling will enable other activities on Sunday morning, which can influence worship attendance. The staff and the Management Board will in the future have a focused discussion of this topic.

Departing members Paula Blair, Cheryl Gibbs, and Beth Scott were honored for their service on the Board.


~ Submitted by the Strategic Communications Ministry Team