Lent 2018 Devotional and Breath Cards

Lenten Devotional

Lent 2018 Devotional PDF

The 2018 Lenten Devotional, compiled by the Lenten Devotional Team from the Foundry community, provides strength, hope, and wisdom for those journeying through the Lenten season. 

View the digital version.

A limited number of hard copies are available at the Front Desk.

Breath Prayer Cards

We encourage you to use these cards in your daily prayers.  As you begin to pray, take a deep breath, pray the Scripture, and then slowly exhale.   A new card will be added each week.  You can also download the cards below.

Week 1

Lent 2018 Breath Card 1

Week 2

Lenten 2018 Breath Card Week 2

Week 3

Lent 2018 Breath Card 3

Week 4

Lenten 2018 Breath Card 4

Week 5

Restore me to joy…and sustain my spirit. Psalm 51:12

Week 6

Lenten Breath Card 6

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