March News Regarding the Foundry Management Board

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Foundry Remains in the Black, Organ Repairs Underway, Process for Officer Selection and Leadership Development Under Discussion

The Foundry Management Board, a nine-person elected group, meets monthly to discuss and make decisions regarding the management of the church.  Members present at its regular monthly meeting on March 22 were:  Paula Blair, Louise Franklin, Cheryl Gibbs, Matt Hansen, Sam Kilpatrick, Beth Scott, PJ Taylor, Dan Vock, Gwen Williamson and Pastors Ginger Gaines-Cirelli and Dawn Hand.

At its March 22 meeting, the Foundry Board received progress reports from various committees on a variety of church-related topics.


Building Concerns

Foundry’s organ is overdue for needed repairs. The work is proposed to be done in five phases. The 2016 budget contained funding for the first phase, which is now underway. Staff is meeting with the contractors. The Facilities and Operations Committee will receive a detailed proposal in April. Phases 2-5 will cost approximately $100,000: money to cover these costs may be raised in the next capital campaign or a special funding campaign or obtained from the strategic investment fund.

The Mission Possible renovation is going well. The congregation is being kept informed of all developments through sermons, tours, and written communication.



Foundry remains in the black so far this year: Income exceeded expenses both for February ($15,405) and the year-to-date ($30,375).

The $14,000 needed for housing costs at General Conference in Portland will come from the Lenten fundraiser and LGBTQ advocacy designated funds.

The Board allotted $10,000 from the King Children Fund to purchase two kiosks which will print nametags, collect donations securely, and track attendance for Sunday childcare, Sunday school, special events and programs. The kiosks can also be used for off-site events. Reliable data will strengthen program accountability.

The audit is moving forward after some delays. The Audit Committee will meet with the auditors on April 4.

ADP’s delay in correcting W2 forms for Foundry’s five clergy has prevented several clergy from filing their taxes by April 15. ADP will be required to pay for extensions on tax submissions.  Foundry may bring its payroll administration back in house from ADP.


Selection of Officers

The Governance Committee proposed a new system for selecting the Board’s officers. The Nominating Committee will study further and make recommendations at the Board’s April meeting.


Leadership Succession Planning

Succession planning is the systematic identification and development of talent. Because human capital is essential to sustaining Foundry’s mission and vision, the church needs a framework for succession planning for key staff and lay leadership positions.

Over the next months, the Board will focus its attention on this subject, examining current job descriptions and salaries, assessing the skills appropriate for various staff and board members positions, and processes for reviewing senior staff and addressing unexpected changes in personnel.


~ Prepared and submitted by the Mission Possible Communications Team.