Nominations Committee

Dear members and friends of Foundry,

As you may have heard, we have hired The Rev. Will Ed Green who will begin his appointment as our first Director of Connecting Ministries, on July 1st. One part of Pastor Will’s work will be formation of a Servant Leadership Development Team tasked with helping us live into our vision “to call, equip, send, and support spiritual leaders to serve the church and the world.” In addition to the new hire, other significant steps are being taken to strengthen our system for calling folks into particular ministries at Foundry. 

Last year, as we moved away from contested elections and to a slate nomination process for Board membership, one of our learnings was that it would be helpful to create a duly elected Nominating Committee responsible for development of the Board slate presented at Foundry’s annual Church Conference. This would allow Foundry members to know and approve those who will be doing the work of assuring that the Management Board and its Standing Committees remain fully inclusive, highly skilled, and diverse in perspective. Therefore, the Board has approved the creation of a Nominating Committee. The Committee—a sub-committee of Governance—will be comprised of three classes of two persons, one Board representative, and the Senior Pastor. The official charter for the Nominating Committee says:

“The primary purposes of the Nominating Committee are to identify, recruit, and nominate Christian servant leadership for the Board and its committees and to assist the Board in assessing its servant leadership needs. The Nominating Committee… may cross-collaborate and communicate with Foundry’s Servant Leadership Development Team and Director of Connecting Ministries, as appropriate. Together with the Servant Leadership Development Team and Director of Connecting Ministries, the Nominating Committee will seek to find a servant leadership position in Foundry’s missions and ministries for each individual that seeks one.”

The Nominating Committee is being asked to not only develop the Board slate, but also to help staff the Standing Committees of the Board: Governance, Facilities & Operations, Personnel, Audit, and Finance. The goal is to connect two persons with each of these committees each year. Service on the standing committees is a one year, renewable term. In addition, the Nominating Committee will put forward names to fill the annual vacancies on their own committee. The Church Conference will be invited to make additional nominations for Nominating Committee from the floor.

In order to get the process up and running, an initial short-term Nominating Committee has been approved by the Board.  This initial group will fulfill the requirements of the charter in order to present a Board slate (see Q&A located here), Nominating Committee members (serving “stepped” terms), and other committee members to the Church Conference in June, 2016.  The members of this initial Nominating Committee are: Peggy Simpson, Fay Allen, Michael Lawson, Kerry Kidwell-Slak, Brian Walker, Bill McLeod, Louise Franklin (Board Representative), and myself (Chair).  If you or someone you know has gifts and graces to serve in the ministries cared for by the Nominating Committee, please speak with one of the members of the Committee. In addition, a “Ministry Interest Survey” will be circulated later this spring inviting your connection in the many other ministries that happen in and through Foundry Church.

The full charter of the Nominating Committee may be found on our website. Further, we will provide an open opportunity for you to learn more at a Nominating Committee Information Session in the sanctuary on Sunday, April 3 at 12:30 PM.

We are truly blessed with extraordinary lay servant leaders at Foundry. I am very pleased that we continue to strengthen our work to “call, equip, send, and support spiritual leaders to serve the church and the world.” Thank you for being part of this wonderful congregation.


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Ginger E. Gaines-Cirelli
Senior Pastor