October News Regarding the Foundry Management Board

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Approval Given for Roof Repairs; Stewardship and Budget Development Continue

The Foundry Management Board, a nine-person elected group, meets monthly to discuss and make decisions regarding the management of the church.


At its October 27 monthly meeting, the Foundry Management Board endorsed an expenditure of $71,602 for needed replacement of the roof on the church’s education wing and received updates on the stewardship campaign, Mission Possible renovation schedules, and 2016 budget priorities.

A request and expenditure for the roof repairs, which were recommended by the Board’s Facilities Committee and Finance Committee will be taken from the church’s capital reserves.


Stewardship Campaign

Regarding the ongoing stewardship drive, Associate Pastor Al Hammer reported that Commitment Sunday pledges totaled $988,084 from 196 “pledging units” comprised of individuals, families, and partnerships. That figure includes both pledges to the church general operating fund as well as supplemental Leadership Challenge gifts.

An additional 240 pledging units who contributed in 2015 had not yet made their pledges for the coming year. Pledge totals for calendar 2015 totaled $1,563,184.


2016 Budget Development

Board members continue to work on development of the 2016 budget in advance of their December 8 final meeting of the year. As currently drafted, the 2016 budget calls for expenditures of $2,220,618. That compares to an approved budget for 2015 of $1,890,950 – a budgeted increase for the coming year of $329,668.  However, the proposed budget for the first time includes $286,200 in designated funds, funds contributed in addition to pledges and designated for particular ministries.

The Personnel Committee has recommended a one percent cost-of-living increase for staff salaries and an additional one percent for potential merit raises for support staff.

Executive Pastor Dawn M. Hand noted that roughly 70 percent of the 2015 budget had actually been expended to date.


Safe Sanctuaries Policy

The Board unanimously adopted the Safe Sanctuaries Policy, an initiative of The United Methodist Church to protect children, youth and vulnerable adults involved in its ministries, and for the protection of workers against frivolous accusations.


Personnel and Governance

Members will meet in November to discuss recommendation for the nominations process for the next Board election.


Executive Pastor’s Report

In her report, Hand  noted that the church is “in the final stages of settling the liability issues with the IRS.” The agency has significantly reduced Foundry’s tax liability, interest, and penalties to approximately $41,000.

Hand also reported that an offer had been extended to the final candidate for the position of Director of Connecting Ministries. The final candidate, after a period of discernment, choose not to accept the position. The process of hiring for this position will continue.  


Mission Possible Schedule

Preparations for the renovation of the church’s first floor central wing will begin in mid-November, according to Hammer. The chapel, parlor, gallery, and some office areas will be sealed for asbestos abatement, a process the general contractor hopes to complete that necessary work in two to three weeks. When new construction begins, passageways will be created to the main offices and childcare facilities. Access to restrooms on the first floor will be blocked for the scheduled six-month construction period.


Prepared and submitted by Stan Wellborn for the Mission Possible Communications Team