Pastoral Letter on Marriage Equality Ruling

Friday, June 26, 2015

The ruling today of the United States Supreme Court expands equal marriage rights to all couples and provides an example of justice worth celebrating. For many of the couples married here at Foundry we rejoice with you that your marriage, your promise to one another and your covenant is recognized across this nation. We give thanks for the hard work of Foundry folks who have advocated for years around issues of LGBTQ equality and inclusion both within the church and in our nation.

As the church we hold in tension that which is, and that which is yet to be. As we celebrate joyfully this decision, we remain vigilant knowing that while equality has arrived for marriage in this nation we have yet a long road ahead of us for justice. We shout “hallelujah!” for the rights extended to all couples to commit their lives to one another. We also cry “how long, oh Lord” as we watch LGBTQ persons prevented from full inclusion in the life of our United Methodist denomination. We strengthen our call for our denomination to eliminate discriminatory language from our Book of Discipline. We pray for the day when LGBTQ persons will experience the fullness of ordination and marriage equality in the church they so deeply love. For us, this is also a spiritual concern. We say “Amen!” for the lives of young LGBTQ children who will now experience a life where marriage equality is the norm. We lament that some of those same children will still face rejection by family, church, or workplace.

As we celebrate this victory for equal rights, we remember that justice is still a long way off. Justice is delayed for some members of the LGBTQ community, African American communities, immigrants, the economically disadvantaged, prisoners, unhoused neighbors, and the many people we are guilty of marking as “the other” rather than our neighbor and God’s child. We recognize daily that the intersections of our lives and God’s love for all people make us part of this journey toward justice for all.

Renew your hearts, celebrate with joy, shout hallelujah, and say amen! Give thanks to God for what is this day, and then let us continue to march for all that is yet to be. 

In Christ,


Ginger E. Gaines-Cirelli          Dawn M. Hand           Al Hammer                 Ben Roberts

Senior Pastor                       Executive Pastor        Associate Pastor         Dir. of Social Justice