Pastoral Statement Regarding Frank Schaefer

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We rejoice in the reinstatement of the Rev. Frank Schaefer as a full elder in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of The United Methodist Church.

We appreciate Frank’s witness and his faithfulness in staying the course. We appreciate the appeal committee’s ruling today overturning the former jury’s inappropriate decision to strip Frank of his clergy credentials.

In December, Frank and members of his family joined as members of Foundry.  Today, Frank is no longer a member and claims his rightful membership back in Eastern Pennsylvania, his home conference. We are delighted that his family continues to be members at Foundry and they are welcomed as long as they chose to keep their membership with Foundry.

Foundry will continue its advocacy in marriage equality and for inclusion of the LGBTQ community in the full life of the church.


   Dean Snyder                                                            Dawn M. Hand
   Senior Pastor                                                           Executive Pastor/Chief of Staff