Pre- and Post-Preparation for the Conference

Pre- and Post-Preparation for the Conference

The following preparation took place before the Conference and vote:

Service: Listening for God - Spiritually Led, Prayerfully Leading (Sept. 25, 1pm)

A service kicked off the prayer vigil leading up to the Congregational Vote. The service opened with singing and psalms. Rev. Dean Synder spoke and commissioned the prayer vigil. The choir led in singing, and the service closed in silence as the vigil began.

Prayer Vigil: Listening for God - Join Us In Prayer (Sept. 25, 1pm - Sept. 26, 1pm)

Foundry held a 24 hour prayer vigil leading up to the Church Conference. Members were invited to participate in the prayer vigil by signing up to pray for a 30 minute interval (or longer) at Foundry or anywhere else they were comfortable. If they were interested, they had an opportunity to register online. 

Fellowship Time

Prior to the start of the Conference, the congregation was invited to gather in the Fellowship Hall for refreshments and reflections. Elise Young hosted a banner, where members could record their thoughts and prayers as they preparee for the Conference vote as a united congregation.

Food for Discernment was Needed

Since many were in need a snack to make it through the lunch hour Church Conference, a light lunch was hosted after the 11:00 service in the Fellowship Hall. People were asked to please bring sandwiches, wraps, cookies and fruit to share. When they arrived, they were asked to take their food to the Fellowship Hall.

After the Conference

Post Vote Conversation and Care

A gathering was held held on Sunday October 3, Room 203, at 12:30pm for all those who wanted to discuss and reflect on their experiences regarding the marriage equality vote and its outcome. If they preferred to speak privately with someone for support and care, they were encouraged to  contact Rev. Don Lowe 703-623-4305 or Jeff Dietterle at 703-626-7320.