Reading Room: 1870 Reception Includes Gifts of Dressing Gowns

Rev. A. E. Gibson was given an "exceedingly pleasant" reception Friday night, March 17, 1870. He was called home from a Class Leader's meeting at church to find the parlor and passageway of the parsonage filled to overflowing with Foundry people. He "looked scared" at first, but he soon recovered and began to greet his guests cordially.

During the evening a splendid dressing gown and pair of slippers were presented to him. Mrs. Gibson was given an "elegant" silk dressing gown. The ladies of the church prepared excellent refreshments. "A pleasanter evening was never spent in the parsonage." Many will recall it in the days ahead as "a bright and cheery time. Old Foundry is ahead!"


This article, originally titled "Reception for the Minister" is provided and used with permission from Papers of Homer Calkin, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.