Reading Room: 38 States and 10 Countries in Our Rosters

In 1933 survey cards were filled in by the congregation one morn­ing. A tabulation of the "I Am Here" cards showed a number of interesting things. In a packed church there were only 419 Foundry members who signed. More than three hundred visitors signed the cards. Sixty-two of these visitors were members of other Washington churches. There were 152 who gave Washington addresses but whose home churches were in 33 different states. Twenty-two transients from eleven states were in the congregation that morning. Thus, Foundry could properly be called "A Church of the States."

A survey made in 1950 produced similar results. Twenty-three states were represented by one or more persons. The largest number, six, were from New York. Another interesting fact shown by the sur­vey was that forty-five percent of those present were under thirty-five years of age. Only twenty-eight percent were over fifty.

More recently, 38 states, from Maine to Hawaii, were represented in a sample survey of 228 persons transferring their membership to Foundry. In this check those who transferred from the Washington area were not included. Pennsylvania was represented by the most—25, while New York and Ohio followed closely behind with 22 and 19 respectively. In addition at least ten countries were included. These were Bolivia, Canada, Ceylon, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, the Philippines, Sierra Leone and Syria. Perhaps Foundry could more properly be called a Church of the Nations instead of the States.


This article, originally titled "A Church of the States" is provided and used with permission from Papers of Homer Calkin, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.