Foundry United Methodist Church

Youth Sunday Testimonies

Duncan Belew




“Such a Time as This”

June 1, 2008





Good morning.


Foundry is more than a church could seem to be. For me, it is a spiritual and intellectual stimulus, a social hour, and a second home. It is also a reality check. What I love most about Youth Group is that it’s comprised of kids of different ages, from different homes and schools, with different skin colors and sexualities and Points Of View. In a busy world, and in a busy city, I often get lost – I lose perspective on things. I find myself saying, “I need to go to church,” because not only is the ritual Sunday retreat a safe and comfortable place, but it’s an enlightening, rejuvenating experience. Foundry is my rock.


In coming to this place, I am also coming to a mindset where friends and neighbors matter most. I love it every time someone says hello, even if I can’t recall their name. I never feel guilty; but rather, I feel a sense of communion in our unflinching kindness and caring. I love talking with Rosa in between services. I love seeing kids run excitedly to their rooms after the passing of the peace, and I remember when we did the same. I love Mrs. Prince and her very dear plots to snag new youth choir members. I love that both my youth minister and I find God in the same popular Icelandic rock band. I love that Foundry youth are part of a continuing legacy of insightful and caring people. I love that wherever the ASP trip leads us, we are known as the church whose youth really Know What’s Up, and center staffers ask to take part in our nightly circles. With experiences like ASP and youth group, and leaders like Ned Bachman, Phil Wogaman and Dean Snyder, I know I am a more whole human being.


I’ve overheard people in this congregation say, “this church needs more young people, you know, twenty-something’s.” It has young people – a secret network of them, in a thousand places, doing wonderful things, and with Foundry planted firmly in their hearts. At this point, Foundry has sewn the seed deep in me and in every senior here, so that when we venture out into the world, everything we do and everyone we touch will feel a bit of Foundry. And when we eventually return as John Parker and Kathleen Bryan and so many others have, not only will we have the chance to pass on our findings about life and God and community, but we become those nice older folks who say hello to the youth, who cannot for the life of them remember our names.


If there is a lesson in my words, it is only to show you what wonderful people you have helped raise and send off into the world. I love every one of them and I know that wherever life may take them, Foundry has given them the tools to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.”


Peace be with you.