Foundry United Methodist Church

Youth Sunday Testimonies

Ruby Blackstone




“Such a Time as This”

June 1, 2008





After reading the Book of Esther, I thought about violence in the Bible and violence now.  The king’s adviser, Haman, had a bad experience with one Jewish person, Esther’s cousin Mordecai.  But instead of taking it out on Mordecai, Haman convinces the king to sign an order that all the Jews are to be killed.  Mordecai tells Esther.  So, even though it is against the law, Esther chooses to barge into the king’s chamber on behalf of her people.  Esther saves her people by countering violence with selflessness and choices.  She risks her life for the sake of saving others to prevent violence. 


Among our community, especially the youth, there is a problem with violence.  Many youth my age and even younger are taking part in this horrific setting and are contributing to the large death rate in the Washington, DC area.  Violence has taken a toll on every human being on this earth, from wars to “self-defense”, from abuse, and even sports.  In my opinion violence in general has negative influence on many people and that gives them a reason to want to hurt someone else because they think that violence is the last resort.


After reading the book of Esther it made me realize that I can compare the violence aspect of the Bible and the world to how Esther, as a young queen, used her selflessness to save her people.  The negativity that came from Haman, Xerxes appointed noble was all built upon hatred and disrespect towards Mordecai and Queen Esther and their people.


The same disrespect is similar in the present day dealing with racism, bias, prejudice, and just hatred in general.  There is a great abundance of teenage deaths especially with teens joining gangs and having crew that single out people like you and me.  I believe that in our thinking we need to be like Esther when we approach such situations as this with selflessness and willingness to help those around us and contribute to the positive well being of our society.


I also believe that by addressing this problem in a professional manner and showing concern we can decrease the problem of violence in our communities and especially with the youth.  However, when youth do not counsel and make the wrong choices there are short and long term consequences to be paid.  Consequences will impact our lives as well as our loved ones.  One thing that is possible that was not possible during Queen Esther’s time was the option of choice and how we as people can determine and debate on many crucial issues.  Esther’s choices saved many and also showed selflessness and obeying God.  Let us pray that we all will listen to God and ask for his guidance in such a time as this.