Carbonated Holiness

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A sermon preached by Rev. Ginger E. Gaines-Cirelli at Foundry UMC, April 23, 2017, the first Sunday after Easter.

Texts: Psalm 126, Genesis 18:1-2, 9-15


There is a sculpture that has inspired and encouraged me for years.  It has been in my pastor’s study—often on my desk—since I received it as a gift from my mother.  It has become a profound symbol for me of something deeply important in the spiritual life.  The sculpture is of a laughing pig.  The pig is on its back, its two front hooves holding its round belly, mouth wide open in laughter.  Michelangelo’s “Pieta” gets all the attention as a masterpiece of Christian art, but I think the sculptor of “The Laughing Pig” should get more accolade.  For me it’s a sacred icon of earthy joy.  I find it impossible to look at the giggling swine without feeling a shift in my spirit—a lightening up.


Laughter doesn’t often get its due in Christian settings.  In an [...]