Easter - Life Essentials: Laugh

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rev. Dean Snyder

Genesis 21:1-8; Luke

In my family growing up, stories and jokes were an essential
part of everyday life. We were all expected to contribute. I can remember the
first joke I learned to tell. I was four or five, I suppose, and I told
everyone who would listen this joke. Ready?

How do you turn a pumpkin into squash? You throw the pumpkin
up in the air and it comes down … squash. 

But as is often the case with jokes, the next joke I
remember learning, maybe when I was in first grade, was a little earthier.

There was a little girl from France who was visiting the
neighborhood. The boy next door was playing with his little red wagon. He asked
the little French girl if she’d like a ride in his wagon. She said: “Oui, oui.”
The little boy immediately took off for home pulling his wagon behind him and
shouted back to the little French girl [...]