Good Friday Meditation

Friday, April 18, 2014

Rev. Dean Snyder

We are here to remember an execution … to watch in our
mind’s eye an execution.

I have images in my mind of modern-day executions that I
have garnered rightly or wrongly from TV newscasts and movies and novels.

The modern-day execution in my mind takes place in a prison
somewhere in Texas. There are various groups of people present. There are the
warden and prison guards and the prison chaplain all crisply, almost
robotically, doing their jobs, following their checklists. The professionals
doing their job.

Then there is a group of people invited to sit in a dark
room inside the prison where they can watch the execution through a window.
These may be relatives of the person who will die, it may be relatives of the victim,
it may be others invited by the person being executed to be there.

In my mind’s eye there are two separate groups o [...]