Small Groups

Small groups are the foundation of life-long discipleship, providing both space and defined community in which intentional relationships can flourish. Here at Foundry, our commitment is that these covenant communities embody four major and regular movements:

Opportunities for play, fun, and connection with people who share similar commitments, experiences, and stories.

Theological Reflection
Space to reflect critically and carefully about the way one’s life experiences are shaped by our shared faith, and the ways in which our shared faith (does and should) inform our life experience.

The space to pray for and with one another, as well as to learn alongside one another how to pray.

Opportunities in community (in a variety of fashions) to put into action the shared values/commitments of the covenant community.  

For general information about small group ministries at Foundry Church, please email Pastor Will Green at For specific information about one of the groups below, including location, please email the facilitator(s) at the listed email address.

Facilitator, Lorea Stallard, hosts every Thursday at 7:30pm

Facilitators, Avery Davis & Drew Goins, hosts every other Wednesday at 7pm.

Facilitator, Meg Lavery, hosts every other Wednesday at 7pm.

Capitol Hill/H Street
Facilitators, Heather and Joe Batemen, meets every other Wednesday 7pm.

Dupont Circle
Facilitator, Suzanne Anthony, meets ever other Tuesday at 6:30pm at Foundry United Methodist Church

Silver Spring  
Facilitators Britta Anderson and Jessica Meixner host every other Tuesday at 7pm.

ChristCare: Dupont Circle
A monthly gathering for fellowship and mutual support that gathers in Dupont Circle. For more information, contact Facilitator Sujatha Blackstone.

NoVa West
A monthly gathering in the western suburbs of Northern Virginia that meets monthly for fellowship and support. Email Facilitators Doug, Tara, or Heather for more information about meeting times and locations.