Tip-toeing our way into financial commitment

Growing in family, growing in faith

In the two years we have been coming to Foundry, it has played a big role in our lives.

Foundry is, after all, where we officially became a family. We attended Pre-Cana classes to prepare for our marriage. We held our wedding in the sanctuary, and our daughter Ava was baptized during the ceremony, too. In the tradition of St. Francis, our beloved canine companion, "JJ" was blessed in October 2012 on Foundry's steps for the first and last time in her life. She died the following summer. All Saints Day in November 2012 marked the first worship service we attended.

We cherish Foundry's emphasis on love and service, and we think it is important that Foundry serves its neighbors, physically and spiritually, even the ones who sleep on the church steps. We find joy in helping to prepare meals for our neighbors in need two Saturdays a month.

We have been humbled, supported and encouraged to grow in this place -- in times of grief and times of celebration. Foundry has proven itself to be compatible with our faith journey, even when we have questioned parts of that faith. Foundry's emphasis on children is so important to us as we raise Ava (Where else can a 9 month old girl play the Baby Jesus in the Christmas pageant?). And we love the consistently outstanding music program.

We have been tip-toeing our way into a financial relationship with Foundry that reflects our appreciation and commitment. We want to invest together in this community that is so vibrant and nurturing. It can be difficult, though, to make that stretch. We are both public servants, and we are trying to save for Ava's education and for our own retirements. Beyond our immediate family, we also help our parents and even a grandparent. We started with small steps in 2013 and 2014, like donating money to support the youth ministry trip to Appalachia. Now, we are committing to support Foundry financially.

We are certain that, in the years to come, we will continue to search and stretch and discern, because of who Foundry is and what it embodies. We hope Foundry will help Ava know that love will always shine on her, regardless of her circumstance in life, regardless of what she does, regardless of where her own faith journey leads her.

One way we can do that is by supporting Foundry's mission and ministry. Please join us in making your commitment, so that Foundry may continue to be a place filled with the love of God, love of each other and love of our neighbors.

Lou Ann Sandstrom and Kathleen Kutschenreuter

Pledge cards are also available in the church pews or in the church office. You may turn them by placing them in the offering plate or returning them to the church office. You're also welcome to call the church office and give your pledge verbally. 

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