What's Next?

Dean Snyder’s 11 years of ministry at Foundry United Methodist Church have truly been a blessing. Wehonor his personal and spiritual decision to retire in July 2014. When the time comes for his departure, we will celebrate the many ways he has deepened our faith in and understanding of God’s love.

But, as Dean says, the work continues. Our church life will go at full speed even as we prepare for Dean’s departure. And when we get a new senior minister, the church you see today will be positioned to grow and expand. We will continue to love Foundry as we love it today.

We will still be inspired by great music and be stirred by incisive preaching. We will still celebrate diversity and advocate forcefully for full inclusion of LGBTQ people into the life of the church. We will still live into our mission and goals. We will still love our neighbors and serve those in need.

Foundry will still be Foundry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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