You Show Me How To Be Foundry

How Exhilarating to Be Foundry.

Ling-StephanieGood morning. I am Foundry. How daunting and how exhilarating that is. My story with Foundry begins in 2011 when my Mom and I moved here from Indianapolis. I can remember attending church, well ever since I can remember. I attended Epworth United Methodist and absolutely adored sitting in service every Sunday. I remember waving to the choir members as they entered and exited church. I visited with the adults after every service and hung out in my favorite place—the church library. I have to admit even as a little kid I tended to skip children’s hour. It just seemed to take me away from the excitement of the music, the service.  Seems like I haven’t really changed much. Upon coming to Foundry I was immediately amazed by the music, the service and sermons, and all of you, the adults who introduced themselves and have been genuinely engaging with me and interested in how things are going in my life.

The more I am around you, the more I feel a part of my church family. I am supported and nurtured by my church family. My turning point at Foundry was my confirmation. I was assigned a confirmation sponsor, Beth Scott, who guided me through and engaged me in spiritual conversations. I will always remember Pastor Dean and Pastor T telling me “you are now a full member of this church.” At that moment, I felt like something was expected of me, but I wasn’t sure what. Then the gift to participate in a community outside myself, outside Foundry, was presented. I was invited to participate in the Appalachian Service Project and Great Days of Service, serve as an acolyte, read liturgy, sing in the youth choir and share my faith statement. By engaging in service, and showing up most Sundays, I got to know you, and you have gotten to know me. We have walked and lived in community—caring, sharing and giving of ourselves, to each other and others who need us.

I realize I’m a youth in this congregation, not a "full-fledged" adult. But you should know how important your engagement with young people of Foundry is. Your time and your financial support of youth trips, the youth minister and classes nurtures us as we find our way and develop spiritually. Your stewardship has modeled for me how to belong to Foundry. I’ve started my first part-time job, and I can contribute financially. I was able to donate a percent of my earnings to my childhood orphanage this summer on a trip to China. And I’m excited to support Foundry’s work through my small contributions in addition to my engagement.

I am Foundry ... because you are Foundry. Thank you for showing me what loving, serving and giving looks and feels like. You will never know how very much Foundry means to me.

Ling O'Donoghue


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