Adaptive Services

It is Foundry’s aim to assist all attendees, whether they be drop-ins or regular members, with the assistance they need to enjoy our services and activities. At present, we provide:

Large Print Bibles and Hymnals

For those who require them, large print bibles and hymnals are available. Please see one of our Ushers to request one.

Sign Language Interpreter

At the 11 AM worship service, a professional sign language interpreter interprets the prayers, scripture, sermon, and musical lyrics at this service. The interpreter is located in the front right hand side of the Sanctuary when you enter.

A sign language interpreter is also present at large holiday services that do not fall on a Sunday.

Hearing Assistance

At the 9:30 AM & 11:00 AM Worship Services: If you have a hearing aid, you can use our T-Coil hearing assist loop. Turn the switch on your hearing aid to the T setting or check out a headset from the sound booth. If you have any questions, inquire at the sound booth in the rear of the sanctuary.

Foundry is a member of the Accessible Congregations Campaign. We actively seek new ways to assist those with accessibility challenges so that they may attend our services and enjoy our activities and programs.

If there is any assistance that you need, please contact us.