Calling Foundry Family

That's what family does for each other


Preston Taylor
"That's what family does for each other"
Many of you know that last December I was walking across the street on my way to work, and was hit by a car. It's been a tough, ongoing recovery. Through it all, my church family has been there: some of my first visitors in the hospital were from Foundry, Ginger and Dawn called and visited, friends from here brought food and provided support for my partner David and me. I received cards from Foundry members I didn't even know. The love and support that I felt meant so much. But, that's what family does. And I am so fortunate to call you family.
Back in the 1990's I was new to DC. In my search to find a church home, I shopped around, and visited churches in various denominations. Someone told me I should try Foundry. What happened is a common story told by others who have been in a similar search: I walked through the door, and I felt comfortable. The sermon, the music, and atmosphere all felt "right." BUT, going forward I dropped in every Sunday and "flew under the radar." I had no involvement with any one, any of the programs, or giving.
One day I received news that a physician friend back in Richmond had AIDS and was dying. I didn't know what to do for him. Dave had a great job, the best medical care available, and was surrounded by family and friends who cared for him. The next Sunday I noticed in the bulletin that there was a cooking group that met at Foundry twice a month, to prepare food to be distributed to those with HIV / AIDS who had little money and needed nourishing meals. The next weekend I visited the group. I didn't know anyone there, and didn't really know much about cooking, but had the feeling that I was doing something in Dave's name for others who didn't have the support he had. Guess what else happened? Not only was I able to help those in need, but I started making friends. Shortly I was asked to help with the Concert for Life AIDS benefit, and then many other opportunities to serve followed. I discovered what I really already knew: helping others was giving me so much in return.
If you find yourself where I was in my beginning, take a step: Find something that interests you and fits your schedule, and your talent. Take a look at "All Things Foundry." You may be surprised at how many opportunities there are.
And at the same time, because Foundry offers so many programs and options for service, you really CAN be involved indirectly in all of the programs by making a pledge, no matter what the size, and giving to the church. You will feel real joy and a connection with each other, and those we are serving. You gift supports Foundry's worship and music, our active witness to social justice and full inclusion for LGBTQ persons, and our welcoming and diverse community.

Foundry has a global reputation. People are watching Foundry. People are watching us, not only in DC, our conference, and our denomination, but globally. We have an obligation to continue our drive to be fighting for social justice, to be open, inclusive, and welcoming to all. No one can do it alone. That's why I support Foundry. Let's do everything we can to show God's love, care, and compassion by Loving, Serving, and Giving. After all, that's what family does for each other.

Preston Taylor

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