Charge Conference and Management Board Meeting

Friday, September 30, 2016

At a Charge Conference presided over by District Superintendent Reverend Gerard Green Jr., the Foundry Management Board voted for a salary adjustment for Pastor Dawn Hand, including retroactive compensation.  This adjustment followed an extensive review by the personnel committee who polled a diverse group of congregants and was based on a performance assessment that was part of the original agreement under which the Chief Program Officer role was re-defined and expanded into the Executive Pastor/Chief of Staff role.

Foundry Management Board Meeting

The Foundry Management Board, a nine-person elected group, meets monthly to discuss and make decisions regarding the management of the church. Participating in this meeting were Board members Leigh Carter, Louise Franklin, Matt Hansen, Samantha Sweeney, Doug Steele, P.J. Taylor, Dan Vock, and Gwen Williamson. In attendance were Pastors Ginger Gaines-Cirelli, Dawn Hand, and Al Hammer. Paul Hazen represented the Mission Possible Committee.

Financial matters

  1. General Fund Budget Status: The Month-to-Date income of $120,714 and expenses of $185,903 yielded a monthly deficit of $65,190. The Year-to-Date income of $1,116,421 and expenses of $1,328,303 yielded a deficit of $211,883.
  2. Board Designated Funds: Operating reserves are $534,665. Capital reserves are $559,622. The Strategic Investment Fund has an uncommitted balance of $259,372.
  3. The Board voted to transfer to Mission Possible $150,000 from the Strategic Investment Fund without repayment and up to $350,000 from Capital Reserves to be repaid within the first pledge year of Mission Possible Phase II.

Mission Possible

  1. Phase I

With September total income of $385,822.29 and total expenses of $551,236.34, the Mission Possible net cash balance is a negative $165,414.05. With transfers of funds by the Board, continuing outreach to pledgers with incomplete payments, encouragement of participation in “Putting Together the Pieces,” and other initiatives, the deficit is being addressed.


  1. Phase II

The Board discussed Phase II objectives and timing. Air handlers and a sprinkling system need installation: their funding as part of operations versus capital campaign will be discussed soon by the Board Facilities Committee and the Mission Possible Building Team.


Information is being collected about the two options of a new ministry in the current Davenport Center and of an emphasis on Mission, Music, and Meditation that involves programming, the organ, and a chapel. Continuing discussion will define Phase II funding objectives.


Mission Possible Phase II will be led by Paul Hazen, experienced leader from Phase I, and by a new co-chair currently being selected.


Staff-Clergy Report

Worship: The next year will emphasize “Next: Witness,” exploring the expected and unexpected concepts of witness in our lives, church, and community. Both choirs are renamed: Jubalate is now Gospel Choir, and the Foundry Choir is now the Foundry Chancel Choir.

Connecting Ministries: New Members Orientation, which now emphasizes, theology, polity, invitation to ministry, and small groups, drew 23 at its last meeting. 115 people signed up for new learning opportunities this fall. The Hospitality Ministry Team is revitalizing the Ushers and Greeters ministry, has created a new “Welcome Folder” containing new flyers and catalogues, and will host a New Members celebration lunch on November 13. Communion Stewards training is being prepared.

Family Ministries: A new Dive-In (Diversity and Inclusion) Team is providing training and dialogue around the Big 8 issues of equity: ability, age, ethnicity, faith, gender, race, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation. New teachers and substitutes have been added in youth and children’s ministries.

Social Justice: ESL, coordinated by Sarah Comer, had a teacher training session on September 8. 30 backpacks went to Brighter Day UMC in Southeast. The Racial Justice Ministry team is preparing an Advent Justice series.

Stewardship: October 2-30 is the annual Stewardship Campaign with the theme of “I Am Foundry: Witnessing to the World.” A booklet available to all members will emphasize the goals for the coming year that need funding: organize for more effective and efficient ministry, connect with more people beyond the wall of Foundry, increase effective use of technology, create more entry points and connecting points within the Foundry community, emphasize study and spiritual engagement beyond worship, and build on key mission priorities. Foundry members will speak on Sundays and write during the week about the importance of Foundry in their lives and the necessity of pledging to Foundry.

Attendance: Total attendance for August 2016, including in the services and via live streaming, is down 284 from August 2015.


Report submitted by the Foundry Strategic Communications Committee

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