Family Through The Ages

We need this prayerful place

Two Sundays ago I listened to Chelsea Clinton talk about her time here nearly 20 years ago, and describe

experiences that are exactly like those I hope my son will have in 12 years’ time from now. When I heard those words, it made me realize that Foundry has a constancy about it. There is something so solid and so loving about this place, that it goes beyond the persons here at the moment. It transcends us no matter if we comprehend it or not.

In 2012, Erik and I were married by Pastor Theresa. My son Adam was baptized here in 2013. It’s appropriate that today is Bible Sunday. I remember receiving a precious children’s Bible after he was born, sent with a note from Pastor T. He loves coming here to the nursery with Miss Chasta and Miss Christina, and some days during the week, as we drive to daycare, he asks me to turn the other way and go to church instead. Erik and Adam and I love being here, we love worshipping here and we love having friends that we can work and play with, whether in Stead Park or on a service project or in a committee meeting.

When we, you and I, come to pray here together, it’s hard to escape the gravity of that prayer. The simplicity and honesty of what we pray about – our hope to live a God-centered life based on Jesus’ teachings – it’s profound and earth shaking and unchanging through the generations that have come here. It is so special at Foundry, that invitation to prayer that our pastors extend to us, that we commute from Fairfax to be with our Foundry family and have fellowship time here on Sundays.

I support this church financially because I can freely draw spiritually from the well that all of you fill. I hope that you feel likewise about our community. This beautiful house of prayer is for you to feel all that makes you human and loved by God. It’s for you to let down your guard as you worship, smile, hug, cry, tremble, be present and witness to others.

In the coming few weeks you are going to hear from different members of Foundry. You will learn of the amazing font of love and compassion that this community has. You will enjoy learning about and meeting people who are right next to you and who love, serve and give in meaningful ways.

We as a family are nourished by Foundry’s members and by our beloved pastors. Foundry’s staff are truly remarkable. We need this prayerful place, and we support it financially because we need all of you, too. May the peace of Christ be with you.

Tara Holeman-Kawasaki



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