Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get started with Family Ministries?

 We’re glad you’re here! Each child or youth that will participate in any Foundry Family Ministries Activities must register. Registration is quick, easy, and free! You can even register multiple children together. [Link here]


What are your safety procedures?

 The safety and security of your children is paramount. We have a Safe Sanctuaries policy that finely details our policies in place to protect children, youth, and vulnerable members of our congregation. Each leader working with any of these groups will be trained every two years.  In addition, volunteers submit to a mandatory background check, and cannot volunteer until they are cleared.


Children from birth to Grade 2 MUST be dropped off by an adult on Sunday mornings. Children will only be released to an authorized guardian. Older children (3rd grade and up) may make their way to Sunday School on their own.



Where do I take my kids on Sunday Mornings?

 [Insert FM Classroom Map]

Volunteers will be posted in the upstairs hallway to help guide you to your child’s classroom and to help you get acquainted with their teacher. If you have a question, look for someone with a Family Ministries Nametag! They can help.


I’m nervous about leaving my kids in the nursery/childcare center!

It’s totally normal for there to be some apprehension about leaving your infant or toddler in a new place! We invite you to come visit the nursery on a Sunday Morning to meet with our loving caregivers! They are paid, trained professionals who make it their goal to make your child feel safe and comfortable (and you, too!) With all that said, it is also completely ok to have your baby or toddler in worship with you. We are used to the joyful noise that they can make. Alternatively, we do offer wiggle space in our Community Commons, for parents who would like to watch the service live-streamed while allowing their baby or toddler to crawl and play.  Make yourself at home!


How do I sign up for the Family Ministries email list?

 If you’ve registered your child or youth through the Family Ministries registration service, you are automatically added to our email list. If you would like to register additional email addresses for the email list, please click here.

My question hasn't been answered. What do I do?!?!

Our Director of Family Ministries, Whitney Kinsey, would love to hear from you. You can contact her at