Foundry Homelessness Action Team

In the spring of 2012 a group of Foundry members decided to focus solely on the church goal of ending chronic homelessness in Washington DC.  We work with other organizations in the city dedicated to advocating for affordable and permanent supportive housing including:

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Past Events

March 2016 - "Fulfill The Promise" Rally with Mayor Bowser, The Way Home and CNHED

And watch Pastor Ben's introduction of the Mayor

The Rev. Ben Roberts speaking to a packed house at Foundry today during Fulfill the Promise Rally. Powerful! He also introduced DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. More than 700 folks in attendance - community partners, advocates, unhoused neighbors and city officials. Ben is Associate Pastor/Director of Social Justice Ministries at Foundry.#DCpromise16

Posted by Foundry United Methodist Church on Saturday, March 5, 2016


August 2015 - Welcoming a family home! 

This project is my favorite thing we've done!  After years of working for increased funding for permanent supportive housing, we had an opportunity to celebrate our recent budget wins by welcoming a homeless family into their new home.  A family moving from a shelter into a new home has practically nothing and so we will need to buy or donate everything they need to restart their lives.  Think of the joy and celebration of that first moment they walk into their home.  

We set up a 2 bedroom apartment in Weinberg Commons with the Transitional Housing Corporation on Saturday August 15.   Here are some pictures! 

The moving truck was packed full of donated items!

Folks from Foundry unloading the moving truck


Thanks to the monetary donations we were able to fill the kitchen with staple foods, paper products, and cleaning supplies.

All the kitchen cabinets open and full of food and dishes


Putting together the furniture bought on Amazon turned out to be a challenge in some cases but the end results were lovely! 

A group of Foundry folks putting together furniture.

This is the view that the family will see the moment they walk in the front door.   The cards signed by the congregation will let them know we are thinking of them.   The art work definitely adds warmth to the home!

The view of the dining and living room from the front door

The team of Foundry Movers!   

The Foundry team of movers

Thank you for everyone who donated items and money to this project.   We were able to get everything the family needed and to give them some gift cards for additional items.  

Want More Details?

Between 2013 and 2014 there was a 25.2% increase in homeless families in Washington DC (based on the Point In Time Count of the Homeless). But advocates for ending homelessness in DC won a historic budget that fully funded most priorities around ending homelessness.

These wins means that families are moving out of unacceptable shelters into real homes with wraparound services to keep them in safety. Weinberg Commons includes both affordable and permanent supportive housing in a passive house designed to be net-zero energy efficient. It's a win for everyone!

The family we are welcoming home will be selected later. They will move in in the fall; however we can assume there will be 2 kids and and most likely a single parent (75% of families associated with THC have single parents).  Items for the kids room should be gender neutral and applicable to a broad range of ages.  

April/May 2015

Members of Foundry's Ending Homeless team organized meetings with a number of DC Councilmembers to advocate for fully funding priorities around ending homelessness, supporting both Mayor Bowser and the  the D.C. Interagency Council on Homelessness (ICH) strategic plan.

This included a big advocacy event sponsored by The Way Home where more than 130 people from a variety of organizations met with every council member or their staff on May 7th.  

March 8th, 2015 Progress and Challenge; Chronic Homelessness in DC

Foundry's Ending Chronic Homelessness Advocacy team discussed the progress and challenges chronic homeless currently facing our community with a group after the 11am service.  

Jan 28th, 2015 Point in Time Count of the Homeless

Foundry members who participated in the PIT count.

A group of Foundry members joined in the yearly count of the homeless. This involves looking for any person who is homeless on a particular night between 10pm and 2am and asking them a number of questions so we can understand better who needs what services. Our group drove around the Pentworth area on a very cold night but we were happy to have Ben's warm car and that we didn't find any homeless in our designated area (sadly other groups found far too many people still on the streets that night).


Jan 8th, 2015 Washington Interfaith Network meeting with Mayor Bowse

Foundry members at the rallyOver 60 Foundry members and their friends attended a meeting with DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to support WIN's priorities which include ending chronic homelessness and building more affordable housing.


Feb 2nd, 2014 DC Politics 101 plus Advocating for PSH

The group learning about DC politics.

Foundry Ending Homelessness leaders Kate Coventry and Monte Hillis led a class on how DC Politics work and gave interested attendees inspiration for being justifably outraged about the situation of the homeless in our city and then steps to turn that outrage into real action.  

Mayor Gray speaking at the rally

Feb 1,  2014 The Housing for All Rally

Mayor Gray, council members Jack Evans, Muriel Bowser, Jim Graham, and Tommy Wells joined CNHED and housing advocates from all over the city to show their support for a full spectrum of housing needs from affordable housing to permanent supportive housing.  

We celebrate the announcement that "Mayor Gray,  Chairman Mendelson & Councilmember McDuffie announced an agreement to boost funding for affordable housing  -  50% of future unreserved surplus will be dedicated to the District’s Housing Production Trust Fund. " With our support (and a surplus budget!) we can make real changes!

Jan 29, 2014 The Way Home kickoff and the Point In Time Homelessness Count

Foundry had a great turnout for The Way Home kickoff.  I wasn't able to get good pictures from the event itself but there were a lot of people there and it was an inspiring kickoff.

The Foundry Point in Time Counters!

After the kickoff, four of us from Foundry participated in the Point in Time count of the homeless, which involved walking or driving around from 10pm - 2am (or so) taking a survey of any homeless person we encountered.  Vaughn gets full credit for walking the most on such a cold night while Kate, Joanne and Ben covered a large area in a warm car.  


The Point in Time count itself involved hundreds of volunteers, including Mayor Grey and the heads of a number of national departments.   To learn more:

October 4th, 2013 A Conversation around Housing First at Miriam's Kitchen

Over 150 people came to hear stories of how communities across the country are ending chronic homelessness, how Housing First has transformed the lives of our guests, and how we can be a part of the movement to end chronic homelessness in Washington. D.C. Linda Kaufman, the keynote speaker, is a National Field Organizer with the 100,000 Homes Campaign and one of the country’s leading experts on ending chronic homelessness. 

The crowd at Miriam's Kitchen is full of enthusiasm for ending chronic homelessness.

It was awesome to see so many groups from around the city all connect over a Housing First model that brings real results and costs less than the patchwork of emergency services used to serve the mentally ill and addicted population makes up the chronically homeless in our city.  

April 11th, 2013 Town Hall with Councilmembers Jack Evans and Anita Bonds

We had over 100 people show their support for affordable housing and permanent supportive housing in Ward 2.  

Jack Evans talking at the town hall

Sunday, January 27, 2013 after 5:30pm service - The Faces of Homelessness

We were truly blessed to hear Dana Woolfolk, Candi Darley, and Eric Sheptock from the National Coalition for the Homeless share their stories with us.

Speakers from the National Coalition for the Homeless

The speakers telling about their stories after the service.

CNHED Rally for Housing for All:  Saturday, January 26, 2013

Foundry was well represented at the rally which was also attended by Mayor Vincent Gray and DC council members Jack Evans from Ward 2 and Muriel Bowser from Ward 4.  

CNHED Rally for Housing for All

The red shirts of Foundry took over a whole area of the audience!  Mandi and Chris (left) were stuck in the standing room area in the back thanks to metro track work.

CNHED Rally for Housing for All

Notice the paint on Mark's Foundry shirt (bottom right) from past Great Days of Service!  Love Thy Neighbor in action!

Foundry members watching the speakers with one Foundry shirt showing white paint.

Leadership Meetings

We typically meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month.  Contact to receive a monthly newsletter about advocating for the homeless or to join our leadership team.