The gift that keeps on giving

The Gifts that Keep on Giving

Clyneice: For followers of Christ, one definition of "stewardship" is moving into action and doing deeds that manifest our belief in Him. At Foundry, we believe that means, as our Statement of Call says, that we are called "to transform the world through active service and prophetic leadership."

Both "doing deeds" and "active service" are important in the life of Foundry Church.

As a teen, I struggled with questions of what good stewardship meant. In the small Alabama church I attended, the congregation raised a lot of money for the pastor's anniversary but the love offering - for people who were burned out or who had suffered a loss - was usually really small. It was a confusing thing for me to observe.

But it helped convince me, in my faith journey, to look for a church where God's people cared for each other through service, time and money. That is one reason I am at Foundry.

At Foundry, my most significant mission activity has been with our youths' involvement with the Appalachian Service Project. Often, people assume mission is about service to others. More often than you would think, though, it is a two-way street.
In ASP, there is a tradition called "circle time" with all of the volunteers and staff at the end of your week together. During circle time, people can share special happenings or their "God moment." One of those times, a volunteer said he overheard his wife explain his involvement with ASP to a friend. He was surprised to hear her say that, when he came back from the trip, he was a better, father, husband, and person. With my three years of volunteering with ASP, though, I understood that statement.

Clareice: The slogan for Foundry's continued support of ASP over the years could be the well-known phrase: "The gift that keeps on giving."

My daughter, Alexis, went on her first ASP trip about 10 years ago. While working with a family, the family's 6-year-old daughter, Karina, fell in love with her. Karina called to talk to Alexis often over the years, and they still maintain contact.

ChaneySistersFoundry also offered my young cousin the opportunity to volunteer at ASP, even though he is not a member here. His experience with ASP laid the foundation for his college studies and career path. All because of work he did for one week a year over three summers. Talk about life altering!

So, in this stewardship season, I encourage you to please prayerfully consider what our stewardship campaigns supports - life-changing experiences for kids and grown-ups too numerous to list. Your support will provide opportunities for even more life-altering experiences, where our gifts can keep on giving.

Clareice & Clyneice Chaney


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