Home Improvement: PLAN, Pray, Give, Build

Home Improvement: PLAN, Pray, Give, Build

Our historic church building is overdue for improvement, and this summer marked the official launch of Foundry’s Capital Campaign to fund this needed renovation. A successful campaign is necessary to ensure that our home in the heart of the nation’s capital remains sound for future generations.
For several years, congregational teams have been assessing in detail the needs of our building to serve all of its missions and functions. With the help of architects and construction experts, we have developed a comprehensive plan to undertake the needed restoration and renovation in a carefully sequenced process. At a Charge Conference last December the congregation approved the next step of developing carefully sequenced plans for financing and executing the construction. When complete, Foundry will not only be safer and more comfortable, but also more accessible, welcoming, and effective in mission and outreach.
Over the summer, you may have heard and seen the words Mission Possible on posters around Foundry and in each Sunday’s Focus with details of the planned upgrades – more inviting fellowship areas and flexible meeting spaces, improved technology and safety, and modernized plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems. You may have studied the timeline in Laws Gallery pointing out Foundry’s long tradition of steady improvement in our church facilities.
You may have attended our June 24 congregational meeting at which one of our architects, Greg Powe, himself a Foundry member, presented the plan and answered questions.  Or perhaps you have taken a Sunday tour, seeing both what needs improvement – and some of our building’s hidden beauty that will be revealed as the work is completed. The architect’s slides and most of the questions asked on tours and at the June meeting can be found (with answers!) here: www.foundryumc.org/questions-and-answers.
Now we are in full campaign mode, with a diverse and energetic campaign leadership team (see below), a strong prayer team (which you can still join!) undergirding this effort, and lots of information on the web and in posters and print.
This month you will receive a document providing more detail, and in a series of small group gatherings this fall you will have the opportunity to learn even more – and ask questions.  You should feel free to contact any member of the staff or leadership team with questions as well. On Sunday, October 28 the congregation will begin three weeks of focused inquiry and spiritual discernment as we each ask for guidance in deciding what portion of our assets we can return to God for Mission Possible. On Sunday, November 18 each of us will make our commitment to Foundry’s future in a special worship service.

In 2014-2015, we will celebrate Foundry’s 200th anniversary. To honor that past, and build a future in which Foundry’s house of worship continues to stand as a steadfast beacon of service and mission, we must attend to its structural needs. 

Join us. Your participation will ensure that this MISSION is POSSIBLE!