How Foundry changes the world, even when it takes out the trash



It is a very exciting time at Foundry! It is the beginning of Pastor Ginger's ministry, the first phase of Mission Possible building renovations, and the celebration of Foundry's bicentennial.
Throughout Foundry's history, this congregation has Stretched to Connect outside of our building's walls. We have been leaders in bringing together different faith communities to build institutions that change people's lives. Emmaus Services for the Aging, Susana Wesley House, Sibley Hospital and Bread for the City all started with Foundry's leadership. Our historic willingness Stretch to Connect continues to provide vital services to the aging, vulnerable women, the sick and the hungry.
Investments of time and money by Foundry members have changed -- and even saved -- thousands of lives.
Being a good steward of the resources God has provided Foundry is at the core of our ministry and mission.
You might be surprised to learn that Foundry is a leader in a new initiative to leverage our resources and those of other faith based institutions. Earlier this year, Foundry became a founding member of the Community Purchasing Alliance, a cooperative of faith-based organizations in the Baltimore-Washington region. The CPA co-op has a triple bottom line: It produces savings for our members, promotes social and economic change and advances environmental stewardship.
Foundry members and staff have been critical to the CPA co-op's success, by providing critical leadership, legal and business expertise. We were often one of first institutions to volunteer for test bids for the joint purchase of electricity, natural gas, trash hauling, copiers, snow removal and solar panels. Our Stretch To Connect has brought together over 200 faith-based organizations representing Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Muslims and even Unitarians.
The purchase of electricity is a great example of the savings that can be achieved when these organization pool their purchasing power. More than $1 million dollars has been saved on the competitive bidding of the purchase of electricity, and this includes an option for purchasing energy generated 100 percent from renewable sources.
Economic and social justice is another key driver for the CPA. When selecting a company for waste hauling, we insisted that the company recycle the materials provided and that they pay their employees a living wage. Through the co-op, the faith community is using our economic power to change the world.
As a good steward of our resources, Foundry has already saved thousands of dollars. When you invest in Foundry's ministry and mission through your stewardship pledge, you Stretch to Connect outside of this building's walls, changing the lives of people in countless ways.
We are beginning our four-week stewardship campaign that will culminate with Consecration Sunday on November 23rd, when we hope to announce the total financial commitments made by Foundry members for next year.
If you haven't already, you will soon receive in the mail a pledge card that we will ask you to return to the church.
I encourage you to pray about your commitment to Foundry and remember our pledge of our time, talent and money to further the Kingdom of God.
Paul Hazen

For further information on CPA, click here.


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