The Invitation to Vote

The invitation to vote

The following invitation was made to the congregation:

The Congregational Council calls upon the Foundry congregation to prayerfully consider and discuss the proposed marriage equality policy for Foundry for a period of 4 months -- over a Summer of Great Discernment. This Summer will be a time of reflection, discussion and ultimately a decision as to Foundry's policies on marriage equality and specifically the performance of same-sex marriages. During this period, a specially commissioned ministry team will help the Congregational Council conduct a series of events in which we present the many facets of this issue. These topics will include history, implications, personal testimonies, spiritual aspects, and independent legal analysis.

We will hold discussions online so that everyone can participate in the dialogue without necessarily coming to Foundry. Resources and discussion guides will be posted online for your use and we will continue to add to these throughout the summer. We have a table in fellowship hall during the coffee hour, where you can stop by if you have questions or to leave a written comment or question.

The Congregational Council will listen closely to all discussion and will release a final draft of the proposed policy on July 25 based on the input of the congregation. On September 26th we will call upon the Foundry family to participate in a Church Conference where the congregation will vote on the proposed policy.

We encourage your participation in this process by:

  • Prayerfully considering the proposal before the congregation.
  • Attending and participating in lectures, events and discussions.
  • Reading through the resources on the issue.
  • Joining in the discussion in the online forum.
  • Setting aside time in your small group or bible study to discuss and pray about this issue.
  • Talking with the members of the Congregational Council or Ministry Team.
  • Emailing your questions and comments to by July 18.
  • Signing up for the Summer of Discernment email list to receive updates on events, new resources and more. Email
  • Participating and voting in the Church Conference on Sept. 26, 2010.