January News Regarding the Foundry Management Board & Charge Conference

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Charge Conference

Dr. Rev Ianther Mills from the Baltimore-Washington Conference presided over the vote for pay packages of Foundry’s four appointed pastors: Ginger Gaines-Cirelli, Dawn Hand, Al Hammer, and Ben Roberts. The unanimous vote affirmed pay packages including a 1% salary increase for each pastor.

Management Board

The Foundry Management Board, a nine-person elected group, meets monthly to discuss and make decisions regarding the management of the church. Board members Paula Blair, Louise Franklin, Cheryl Gibbs, Matt Hansen, Sam Kilpatrick, Beth Scott, P.J. Taylor, Dan Vock, and Gwen Williamson and Pastors Ginger Gaines-Cirelli and Dawn Hand participated in the January meeting


Foundry Finances

  • FOUNDRY ENDS 2015 IN THE BLACK. After a significant influx of giving in December, Foundry did not need to go into operating reserves to cover operating costs. Because of members who fulfilled pledges, those who gave beyond their pledges, those non-pledgers who gave and staff holding the line on expenditures, Foundry met its obligations, ending the year with a positive balance as it has in two of the past three years.
  • PLEDGING FOR 2016 PORTENDS WELL FOR PLANNED BUDGET. Foundry members and constituents have pledged close to the budgeted amount needed for the ministries and mission of Foundry in 2016. As of 1/22/16, approximately $33,000 is still needed. With the help of members who have not pledged yet, the Management Board can conscientiously go forward with 2016 commitments. At its February 23 meeting, the Board will discuss any needed changes in the 2016 budget based on the final pledge amount.
  • Pace of giving. Data provided by the Finance Committee show giving by the month throughout the years 2009-2015. The data enable the Management Board with projections for spending throughout the year. Although pledgers are encouraged to give regularly throughout the year, those who need a different cycle of giving should notify the financial office to help the Management Board with accurate projections.
  • Regularity of informing the congregation about the budget. The Management Board will ask the Stewardship Committee to provide to the congregation regular messages about the status of the budget, both giving and spending. For example, in Board-designated funds, the current operating reserve balance is $522,560; the current capital reserves budget is $447,215; and the strategic investment fund balance is $450,524.


Mission Possible update

Slow processing of permits by the DC government is affecting the pace of renovation. Although permits are in process, contractors and Foundry are considering ways to stimulate action on the permits. Identified abatement regarding asbestos and lead is completed, although further areas may be uncovered as work continues. Mission Possible updates have been available weekly in the bulletin and on the website.

Accounting in the future will assure that income or spending related to Mission Possible will be reported separately from the operating budget.


Program update

Rev. Dr. Alton Pollard, dean of the Howard Divinity School, will be scholar-in-residence to lead a four-part series as part of Foundry’s Opt-In racial justice emphasis. A new semester of English as a Second Language ministry attracted 55 students with a search on for a new volunteer coordinator. A Youth Ministry Team is being formed to provide lay leadership for youth activities.


Staff matters

  • Director of Connecting Ministries. The Personnel Committee is actively seeking candidates for the new position of Director of Connecting Ministries. Having reviewed and narrowed from 14 applications, the committee reports progress but is still soliciting additional candidates.
  • Senior pastor appraisal. Based on analysis of member survey data and comments and Personnel Committee information, a written Board appraisal was presented recently to the senior pastor, who expressed appreciation. The report has been filed with the District Superintendent.
  • Staff safety. Dust generated during renovation is affecting staff wellbeing. The Facilities Committee will seek better conditions, including telecommuting and alternative space for offices near Foundry. Although an air specialist checked daily throughout the abatement period, additional actions are needed to protect staff during this time of major renovation.
  • Staff development. A two-day staff retreat in February will begin an extended professional development focus on staff and laity interaction and collaboration.


Nominations for Management Board positions

The Nominations Committee has been formed to manage the next election of Management Board members. Foundry members and constituents will hear soon about the process, timing, and election.


~ Submitted by Barbara Cambridge on behalf of the Mission Possible Communications Team