July/August News Regarding the Foundry Management Board and Church Conference

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Foundry Management Board, a nine-person elected group, meets monthly to discuss and make decisions regarding the management of the church. This report covers the July & August meetings.

Board duties, meeting conduct, and calendar of meetings

  1. Board leadership

Following election of new Board members in June 2014, the Board appointed a slate of officers and committee chairs and members by a vote of 8-0 with Dan Vock abstaining.

  • Dan Vock—president and ex-officio on all committees (under the bylaws)
  • P.J. Taylor—vice president, member of Finance Committee
  • Louise Franklin—treasurer, chair of Finance Committee (under the bylaws)
  • Beth Scott—secretary, chair of Governance Committee
  • Larry Slagle—chair of Personnel Committee
  • Nicole Woo—chair of Audit Committee
  • Bill McLeod—chair of Facilities and Operations Committee
  • Jill Barker—member of Governance Committee
  • Paula Blair—member of Personnel Committee
  1. 2.      Behavioral covenant

In order to do its work well as collaborative, respectful leaders, the Board is creating a behavioral covenant. Vock will edit a brainstormed list of items for a vote at the next Board meeting.

  1. 3.      Calendar

The Board is working with Rev. Ginger Gaines-Cirelli to develop a shared vision and strategic plan for Foundry in the coming years. The congregation is invited to help develop that vision by 1) sharing your thoughts at one of the house meetings with Pastor Ginger, 2) participating in the Holy Conversation with Pastor Ginger on Nov. 9 and 3) taking part in the lay leadership training on Nov. 16. All monthly meetings of the Board are open to any Foundry member to attend.

October 21, 2014        Budget workshop to develop draft budget (Finance Committee and Board members)

October 28, 2014        Management Board monthly meeting

November 1, 2014      Joint Charge Conference with Foundry, Asbury, Mt. Vernon Place

November 8, 2014      Board training (senior staff and Board members)

November 9, 2014      Holy Conversation with congregation, led by Pastor Ginger

November 16, 2014    Leader training (committee members and ministry team leaders)

December 2, 2014       Combined November/December Management Board meeting

January 9-10, 2015      Board retreat for visioning


Finance Committee

  1. 1.      Board designates check signers

The Board decided on the practice of using (a) checksigners with training and experience who are not members of the Board and (b) Board members signers who have been approved for the duty. Officer’s and Director’s insurance covers check signing volunteers who are not Board members. A resolution was passed that grants signatory authority to Louise Franklin, treasurer; Clareice Chaney, immediate past treasurer; Dan Vock, president; Jill Barker, immediate past president; and Matt Hansen, member of the Finance Committee.

  1. 2.      Board prepares for budget development

Treasurer Louise Franklin discussed the budget planning process. The Board requested that staff provide a narrative to accompany and explain the staff’s budget proposal.

  1. 3.      Board supports Stewardship leadership throughout the year

Tara Holeman, chair of the stewardship ministry team, presented the team’s vision for a more robust stewardship effort in the future. The team wants to make stewardship a focus in the church’s life all year round, not just during a short season. The year-round focus would include education about stewardship as a spiritual practice that involves more than giving of money.

Rev. Dawn Hand committed to sharing certain information with the stewardship team about giving trends at Foundry. She also assured the Board that the staff would abide by privacy restrictions, and the amount of money individual donors gave would not be shared with laypersons. 

The Board asked the stewardship team to provide an update on the planning for this year’s stewardship campaign. The Board also asked the team for its recommendations on how often to publicize the church’s financial situation, and how much detail should be shared widely.


Mission Possible Committee

The Board agreed on the need for joint lay and staff leadership, with day-to-day contact for on-site workers the job of the Foundry staff liaison. The Board made Mission Possible a Board committee. The Mission Possible Committee is charged to engage all generations in work and leadership as part of the finance, building and communications sub-committees.


July 22, 2014 and September 2, 2014

Submitted by Barbara Cambridge for the Mission Possible Communications Team