Letter from the Foundry Management Board President

Dear Friends,

Like you, we who serve on the Management Board will certainly miss Dean when he leaves. We look 
forward to honoring his leadership and service as his retirement gets closer.

In the meantime, though, we are working to ensure the transition to a new senior minister will be a smooth one. Several of us met with Bishop Marcus Matthews to go over the process. He was very gracious, and he made it clear he welcomes input from Foundry’s leadership.

You can help us by giving us feedback at our Holy Conversation on May 5th or at the Congregational Conference on June 23rd.

We know you may have a lot of questions about the process and about what Dean’s upcoming retirement means for Foundry. We included the answers to many of those questions in this newsletter. Thankfully, our district superintendent, Cynthia Moore, has also agreed to answer questions during the May 5th Holy Conversation.

Finally, remember that our wonderful community at Foundry is not afraid of change. We believe God is working in this world, and we pray for God’s guidance as we prepare for a new century of Christian service.

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Jill Barker
President, Foundry Management Board