Management Board updated on Mission Possible, Family Ministries, and Finances

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Management Board Updated on Mission Possible, Children & Family Ministries, and Finances

The Foundry Management Board, a nine-person elected group, meets monthly to discuss and make decisions concerning the management of the church. Any member of Foundry is welcome to attend these meetings.

Members present at the April 25 meeting were Leigh Carter, Louise Franklin, Matt Hansen, Doug Steele, Samantha Sweeney, P.J. Taylor, Dan Vock, and Gwen Williamson. Also present were Pastors Ginger Gaines-Cirelli and Dawn Hand, and Paul Hazen, co-chair of Mission Possible Phase II.


Mission Possible Phase II Update

Advance gifts to Phase II now total $1.7 million from 55 households. Foundry members and friends are strongly encouraged to register to attend one of 17 Mission Possible gatherings taking place across the metropolitan area between now and May 21.  Times and locations and the opportunity to register are available on the Foundry website and in Community Commons Sundays through May 14.

The new Mission Possible website is full of interesting information plus a new video (also on Foundry’s Facebook page) and two feasibility studies with regard to the possible Foundry coffeehouse.


Children and Family Ministries

The search for a new director of Family Ministries has begun slowly, but Martha Lyle Ford begins work Sunday, April 30 as the interim coordinator for this area.  Lay leadership is active in developing new offerings for children during Sunday mornings, and a planning workshop for children’s ministries is planned for Sunday, May 21 (time).


Treasurers’ Report

Foundry’s 2017 General Fund Budget of $2,257,686 in expenses over $2,044,784 in revenue includes a deficit of $212,901.  The board has requested that staff post the budget on the Foundry website as soon as possible.

As of March 31, year-to-date operating income of $504,949 fell short of year-to-date expenses of $547,833 by $42,884.


Proposal for New Website on May Agenda

At the invitation of the board, the Strategic Communications Ministry Team will attend its May Board meeting to discuss the team’s proposal for a new Foundry website.


Election of New Board Members in June

The board in closed session considered a slate of individuals proposed to fill three about-to-be-vacated seats on the Management Board. Once approved, a slate and the date of the election will be announced by the board to the congregation.


Submitted by the Strategic Communications Ministry Team 

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