Ministry Teams, Bible Study & Small Group Opportunities

Samll Groups LogoAt Foundry, we believe that participation in a ministry team, bible study, or small group helps us to grow in our Christian faith, foster meaningful relationships and build community. Foundry is a church of small groups. By journeying in your faith with a small group, you are able to share the common experience of encouraging one another, learning together and praying for one another. Ministry teams, bible studies, and small groups provide a safe space to explore, ask questions and grow.

These groups are for everyone! They typically meet weekly or biweekly. They meet in homes, restaurants, coffee shops and here at Foundry.


Signing up is easy as…1.2.3.


1.  Click here to view all Ministry Teams, Bible Studies & Small Group Opportunities available here at Foundry


2.   Once you decide on a group, click the Request Info button


3.   Mark your calendar, prepare the materials and check your email for a group confirmation. That’s it!