Mission Possible Witness: Camilla Hicks

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Video Transcript:

Good morning.

When our 11-year son, Charlie was baptized at Foundry he was carried around the church as all newly baptized babies are and he had a very serious look as he took everyone in. It was a knowing look. He held his head up and took in this beautiful loving congregation and his godmother said he got it. He really got it.

What did Charlie get?

He got it that this place is filled with love and support for him and also that it’s a major part of the foundation of our faith in the life of our family. He knew this is a place where he belongs. It’s what so many of us are looking for and what we found here, our spiritual home.

Over the past several years, I’ve been privileged to invest time in some of the ministries at Foundry recently, on the youth ministry team and the prayer team, helping create a plan for leadership development here and leading a Sunday school class. Right now, we’re in a very energetic phase in the life of our church. It’s very exciting to be part of this magnetic place where so many find love and healing, and where we dream big about how to make Jesus love real in the world.

As we all know those dreams take an investment. Time, service, prayers, and money are needed to make our visions into reality. That’s why Mission Possible is so important. It helps ensure the future of our church.

We all have other things to spend our money on. My husband and I are dealing with a big problem. An addition built onto our house many years before we bought it. The addition which is about half of our total house square footage was built on a shoddy foundation. It’s costing us thousands of dollars to jack our house up three inches and put a strong foundation in place of the flimsy one, so real investment.

Our foundation here at Foundry is equally important and takes a serious long-term investment. Any foundation has to be re-examined and supported to stay strong over time and that’s what Mission Possible is all about. Our gift to Mission Possible is a line item in our family budget that we really value. It reflects our priorities. We have to keep putting energy and resources into this place to make sure that it stays strong into the future.

So, please join me in giving to Mission Possible. Together, we invest for all the generations of babies to come and for the people who will find their foundation at Foundry.