Mission Possible Witness: Peg Simpson

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Video Transcript:

In the 1970s, I was president of the board of a community center at 18th and Q called Uplift House sponsored by Foundry and five other churches. We had Vista volunteers and we gave out food we collected from our own congregations – food and clothes for these kids and their families. It was a really old model for doing good.

I spent a decade reporting from Eastern Europe and the chaotic efforts there to shape life after communism. It was very confusing, but very exhilarating. When I came back to Foundry in 2002, it was still my church, but I hardly knew anyone.

I joined the choir two years later as a result of a pitch from Eileen Gunther at a women’s retreat and it’s been my core Foundry community ever since. Foundry always has been a historic church proud of its building but now it’s built on those bones to preserve and spotlight the stained glass windows while also creating an elegant and far more functional space.

I’m glad the choir room is free of asbestos. It’s also, however more user-friendly for practice. I’m amazed at the great music that is produced here and I’m grateful to be a small part of that.

I’m glad that the restrooms are modernized even though the men are the only ones who got a stained-glass window in there.

Our renovations have made our church space more welcoming to our own congregation and to our neighbors. I’m glad that we’re better able to house lots of community meetings from huge ones with the mayor to smaller ones with Dupont Circle Village.

I’m especially grateful for our own pastoral leadership that is helping us plow new paths and for also, an increasingly diverse and vibrant leadership team of Foundry  members, as we navigate new ways to confront old problems so we can forge racial partnerships embrace and partner with our LGBT brothers and sisters and together face the policy threats within the overall Methodist church. Let alone find ways to shape a sacred resistance to political threats today.

We’re still lots of challenges, but I sense we have each other’s backs and I’m convinced we have Ginger’s back and that we face these Mission Possible challenges with a great spirit and enthusiasm.

Thank you.