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MISSION POSSIBLE:  Foundry is on the Move with Mission Possible!

May 4, 2014 Bulletin Page

Having received full approval from the Foundry Management Board, the District Committee on Building and Locations, and Senior Pastor Dean Snyder, Foundry leaders are now finalizing the financing necessary to undertake the much-needed renovation of Foundry’s historic church home.

In his Palm Sunday sermon, Dean Snyder said that his prayer for Foundry into the future is that we keep moving to fulfill God’s call to us to love God, love each other, and change the world. With this critically important renovation, our Mission Possible initiative, Foundry is moving to create a more welcoming, versatile and efficient space within which and from which we can do God’s work.

During Holy Week, the Management Board’s Building and Finance Committees reviewed the renovation and financing plans, and recommended Management Board approval. Two days after Easter, on April 22, the Management Board unanimously approved the plans, authorizing final negotiations to complete the financing package.  At a church conference in June, the congregation will vote on whether to approve these plans.

The Responsibility of Stewardship. With these long-delayed improvements in our physical space and the infrastructure supporting it, Foundry members are fulfilling our responsibility to be good stewards, to take care of our church home as we would our family home. 

This very deliberate process began more than a decade ago with a thorough assessment of our aging physical plant and its needs. Following that, Foundry members worked with architects and engineers to plan the most efficient and least disruptive way to address those needs and develop a comprehensive plan to renovate Foundry’s building.

In 2011 a church conference endorsed that plan and created a building task force and a financing task force to begin implementing it.  The Mission Possible team, including task force members and other lay leaders, began work in 2012 to raise the funds necessary for the work. That effort, undergirded by church-wide prayer and a series of special sermons, inspired the congregation to pledge $3 million to fund the first phase of the renovation, focused on creating a more welcoming and versatile Foundry entry, reception area, and fellowship hall, along with improved heating and cooling infrastructure, a new modern elevator, and expanded restrooms.

To learn more about the renovation, the financing plans, and other details, you can:

  • Find other informative articles like this in each May issue of the Focus.
  • Take a conducted tour of areas to be renovated after any Sunday service in May. You can start today with tours after both the 9:30 and 11:00 services!
  • Check out signs highlighting major areas where significant renovation will occur.
  • Find more information about the renovation and financing plans in Laws Gallery and on, and
  • Attend a Mission Possible Town Hall meeting after either Sunday service on Sunday, May 18.

In conclusion to his Palm Sunday ‘Keep Moving’ sermon, Dean reminded us of God’s promise:

“…if you keep moving, the Lord will renew your strength, you will mount up with wings like eagles, you will run and not be weary, you will walk and not faint.”  

Join us as we keep moving with Mission Possible!

MISSION POSSIBLE:  Going to the Bank!

September-October 2013 article excerpt from Foundry Forge 


Mission Possible is moving ahead this fall as we negotiate with banks for a loan to enable Foundry to begin the long-planned renovation of the Fellowship Wing and improvements to the sanctuary early in 2014.

Over the last year, more than 300 families and individuals have pledged to contribute more than $3 million over the next three years to renew our historic church home in time to celebrate Foundry’s bicentennial.


Because the amount pledged to date is short of our original goal, we have revised the Phase One renovation to reduce its cost from $10.5 million to $6 million. With that amount, we plan to completely renovate the first floor of our central wing, creating a beautiful new reception area, installing a large and modern new elevator serving all three floors, and transforming the chapel and parlor areas into a beautiful, spacious, modern, and versatile new Fellowship Hall. In addition, we’ll be adding a better heating system, a new audio system for the sanctuary, along with new carpeting and pew cushions. And – by popular demand – new restrooms on the first floor of the educational wing near the nursery.


That’s the plan that we will take to the bank seeking a loan. The financing package that results will be presented to the Management Board and the congregation for approval. Architects feel certain that this renovation will be completed in time for rededication as we celebrate Foundry’s Bicentennial.


Foundry friends and members who have not yet pledged can do so now. Remember: every dollar we contribute is one we will not have to borrow.



Maintenance, not Mission Possible, in Choir Room

Falling under the category of maintenance rather than renovation, work also is underway to resolve a long-standing moisture problem in the choir room. This summer, the choir relocated from its usual room to Davenport Center.

A commercial dehumidifier is being installed and all surface material removed from the floor and the 16th Street below-grade stone wall. Water seepage will be monitored to see what specific corrective action is required. The current work is being funded from the general account, not from Mission Possible contributions.

Work done now will solve the moisture problem, an essential pre-renovation step, and provide the foundation for full renovation of the choir room and kitchen in a later phase of our Master Plan renovation.

MISSION POSSIBLE Update - Summer 2013

  • Foundry has established a separate bank account to hold all Mission Possible funds.
  • All who pledge to Mission Possible will receive regular quarterly pledge statements with brief updates on the project.
  • If you plan to pay your Mission Possible pledge annually, making your payment now would be very helpful in Foundry's obtaining favorable financing.
  • If you wish to fulfuill your pledge with a transfer of stock, please contact Ed Koch in the finance office,
  • As of now, almost 300 individuals and households have pledged more than $3 million.  Our goal is to have everyone pledge.  If you haven't pledged, we need YOU!  In making loans, banks look not only at amount pledged but the number of people who have pledged.  You may pledge online or by completed a pledge card that you can print from this site and put in the offering plate or leave with the church office.  Pledge cards may also be obtained at the office.

MISSION POSSIBLE:  One Giant Step, and Now a Few More
February - March 2013 article excerpt from Foundry Forge 

Foundry's congregation took a giant step forward in 2012, pledging more than $2.7 million over the next three years to renew our historic church in time to celebrate Foundry's bicentennial. As of January, the pledge amount has risen to $3 million to make this Mission Possible a reality. 

Foundry needs everyone - and that Includes You!

Despite that early achevement, we have more to do for a fully successful outcome.  We encourage every person who reads this article - every person who worships at Foundry - to responsibly engage in this campaign so that we reach our goal of $4.5 million.  Each pledge will help, no matter how large or small. 

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PLAN, PRAY, GIVE, BUILD: Making This Mission Possible
November 2012 article excerpt from Foundry Forge 

Giving is an act of faith, an expression of our commitment to God and to our church. This is the time when each of us called upon to give a special portion of our resources to honor Foundry’s past and build its future by funding a major renovation of our historic church home.

There are good reasons to call this building renovation and capital campaign Mission Possible.

     •  Improving our building is mission-critical, vital to Foundry’s ability to remain 
         a vital presence in the nation’s capital.

     • The renovation is itself a mission, grounded in Foundry’s call to love God, 
        love each other and transform the world.   

     • This is a big undertaking, but we believe that “with God, all things are possible.”

The phrases “Honor the Past, Build the Future” declare our pride in Foundry’s long history – as we prepare to celebrate its bicentennial in 2014 – and our faith in Foundry’s bright future.   

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Home Improvement: PLAN, Pray, Give, Build
September 2012 article from Foundry Forge 

Our historic church building is overdue for improvement, and this summer marked the official launch of Foundry’s Capital Campaign to fund this needed renovation. A successful campaign is necessary to ensure that our home in the heart of the nation’s capital remains sound for future generations.
For several years, congregational teams have been assessing in detail the needs of our building to serve all of its missions and functions. With the help of architects and construction experts, we have developed a comprehensive plan to undertake the needed restoration and renovation in a carefully sequenced process. At a Charge Conference last December the congregation approved the next step of developing carefully sequenced plans for financing and executing the construction. When complete, Foundry will not only be safer and more comfortable, but also more accessible, welcoming, and effective in mission and outreach.

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Prayer as the Foundation: Mission Possible 
August 2012 kickoff 

Foundry Church embarks this fall on a Capital Campaign to raise funds for Mission Possible, a plan to renovate and rejuvenate Foundry facilities to enhance fellowship and outreach as we carry out God’s call in our community and around the world. Planning, praying, giving, and building are essential elements of Mission Possible.

Prayer will be a focus throughout the campaign. As we examine our spiritual and financial commitments, we do so in an attitude of prayer. Led by a Prayer Team from the beginning and aided by a prayer booklet during the campaign, we will ask for guidance from God whom we seek to serve.  

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