Moving from Anonymity to Community

I Needed Something More Meaningful

Many years ago I lived a block away from Foundry and on a Sunday morning with a couple of inches of ice on the roads, I decided not to attend my regular church but walk over to attend Foundry. I found the music and sermon inspiring and the people were very friendly. For the next three to four years, I attended the 11 o’clock service, sat at the back of the sanctuary and was content to drop my check into the plate but I was not ready to become involved with the activities of the church.        

But I reached a time when dropping my check in the plate was not quite enough for me as I needed something more meaningful from what was becoming my new church home. I felt that I was receiving a lot, but not really giving anything back other than my dollars. So I slowly became involved with some of the outreach programs, committee assignments and simply letting go and giving more of my time and myself. I soon felt that I was finally living my faith, being a part of this faith community which surprisingly resulted in me having a better balanced life versus it simply being all about me, my latest date and how well I was doing at the office.   

Fast forward to over thirty years later and fortunately the old contentment has been replaced with a real feeling of belonging to God’s family here at Foundry. Foundry is an extremely important part of our lives. Doug and I were married here four years ago and we appreciate the opportunity to provide financial support to the operations of the church, its mission outreach programs and a capital campaign that will help to create a better facility and worship space for the future

 So the reason that I am nervously standing up here is to say thank you to those of you who continue to provide your financial support to Foundry. And to those of you who are either new to Foundry or if you have never made a financial commitment to this faith community, let me encourage you to do so in the coming weeks.  As a member of the Management Board, we really do appreciate everyone’s participation in giving to whatever extent that you are able.  

My dad was a Baptist minister so I know that people do not like to hear about money at church. But as Doug and I discuss the amount of our annual pledge to Foundry or to the capital campaign, I like to think that the rich experiences that are ours on a regular basis here at Foundry are indeed near to our hearts so we joyfully pledge proportionally as we want Foundry to continue to be able to provide an open and loving faith community for everyone who walks through its doors.   

In closing, let me again encourage everyone to be a part of this faith community by participating in one of our many mission programs and by give generously of your financial resources but more importantly, give of your heart and it will then all fall into place.   

When I occasionally man the Welcome Table, I love setting up the sign that reads “Find yourself at Foundry”.  Join me, join us and be a participating member of this wonderful family.  


Sam Kilpatrick


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