Commission on a Way Forward and the 2019 Special General Conference

Commission on a Way Forward (COWF)
The 2016 General Conference approved a recommendation from the
Council of Bishops for a commission to look at the parts of the
Book of Discipline that address “human sexuality”, which in this
context is a code word for related to LGBTQ persons, and to make
recommendations for moving forward within the overall goal of unity
of the denomination. The Commission completed its work and presented
a report to the Council of Bishops.

Special General Conference
February 23-26, 2019

St. Louis, Missouri at the America’s Center Convention Complex in downtown 
Scope: Resolution(s) from the Council of Bishops, which must be submitted
by July 8, 2018. And if the Judicial Council rules to allow it, other
resolutions that would be submitted.

Who Votes?
504  United States
260  Africa
50  Phillipines
40  Europe and Eurasia
“Concordat” churches which
United Methodism has a
formal relationship



*Same overall makeup as 2016. Unless an annual conference chooses
to elect new delegates, the delegates are those elected to the
2016 General Conference. Rev. Ginger Gaines-Cirelli, Foundry’s
Senior Pastor, is a member of the 12 member delegation from the
Baltimore-Washington Conference.

What’s This All About Anyway?


Since 1972 and added to in subsequent years, The United Methodist Church has
enshrined bigotry against “homosexuality” in theological statements, in ordination
standards, and in the definition of marriage. In 1995, Foundry UMC voted to
officially welcome LGBTQ people and become a Reconciling Congregation.
The Reconciling Ministries Network is a movement for LGBTQ inclusion in
The United Methodist Church, and “Reconciling Congregation” is used much as
“open and affirming” is used in some other faith traditions.

Foundry’s LGBTQ Inclusion Advocacy Minitstry Team
The team leads our congregation's overall efforts towards great inclusion and
equality for LGBTQ persons. As we head towards the 2019 special General Conference,
the team encourages Foundry members to consider attending the General Conference as
observers with the Love Your Neighbor Coalition, of which the Reconciling Ministries
Network is a member. Contact the team chair, Ann Brown, for more information.

For More Information
The Summer of Great Discernment, Sept 2010 - Foundry Votes to Allow Same-Gender
- On Sunday, September 26, 2010, the members of Foundry United Methodist

Church voted to allow same-gender marriages performed in its building, and to support
any member of the Foundry clergy who chooses to celebrate a same-gender marriage at
Foundry or elsewhere.

Key Policy Events in the Greater United Methodist Church and at Foundry UMC Regarding
” - Prepared for Foundry’s “Summer of Great Discernment” in 2010

A Pastoral Letter Concerning the Institution of a Service to Recognize and Honor
Lesbian and Gay Committed Relationships
, Nov. 11, 2007 - Former senior pastor

Rev. Dean Snyder 's letter announcing his intention to be available to lead services
which recognize and honor lesbian and gay committed relationships beginning February 1, 2008.