Online Discussion Forum

Marriage Equality Discussion Forum

An online discussion forum was created at to facilitate group discussion about the vote. Here is a sampling of some of the post subjects. The individual posts are not included here as they reflect individual member's private thoughts. 

  • Foundry’s Principles of Christian Communication
  • Voting Protocols on Marriage Equality Proposal
  • Engaging the Community
  • Concerns with the vote
  • Some Last Minute Thoughts
  • Has Foundry Church received any messages from the General Conference?
  • Have any Massachusetts Methodist Churches celebrated same sex weddings?
  • Preparing Ourselves
  • The Reaction to Foundry's Summer of Discernment from Others
  • How many GLBT couples at Foundry are planning to marry within the next 2 years?
  • Let us not forget this policy affects real people
  • Discussion on Social Justice vs. Scriptural/Spiritual Context
  • Is it right to "vote" on fundamental rights?
  • An Alternate Proposal
  • Reaction to Vote