Plan, Pray, Give, Build

Mission Possible November Update

PLAN, PRAY, GIVE, BUILD: Making This Mission Possible

Giving is an act of faith, an expression of our commitment to God and to our church. This is the time when each of us called upon to give a special portion of our resources to honor Foundry’s past and build its future by funding a major renovation of our historic church home.

There are good reasons to call this building renovation and capital campaign Mission Possible.

     •  Improving our building is mission-critical, vital to Foundry’s ability to remain 
         a vital presence in the nation’s capital.

     • The renovation is itself a mission, grounded in Foundry’s call to love God, 
        love each other and transform the world.   

     • This is a big undertaking, but we believe that “with God, all things are possible.”

The phrases “Honor the Past, Build the Future” declare our pride in Foundry’s long history – as we prepare to celebrate its bicentennial in 2014 – and our faith in Foundry’s bright future.   

For two hundred years every generation has done its part to improve and strengthen Foundry’s house of worship. The last major renovation was in the 1960s, so it is now time for us to do our part. In this renovation, we will reclaim some aspects of our historic building, like the beauty of its stained glass windows, and we will improve other elements, such as wiring and technology and accessibility. In doing so, we create a legacy of sacred spaces for Foundry’s future generations, attractive, safe, and efficient places for fellowship, worship, ministries and missions.


Our Mission Possible strategy is four-fold: Plan. Pray. Give. Build.

PLAN.   As you have learned through posters, tours, mailings, informational gatherings and this website, Mission Possible is the result of years of careful assessment and planning. Financing, restoration and renovation will take place in a sequenced process designed to take advantage of existing opportunities and to enable Foundry’s ministries and missions to continue to operate throughout.

PRAY.   Because each person’s financial commitment is between that person and God, prayer is an essential element of the giving process. We are now engaged in a church wide period of spiritual discernment as we each decide what portion of our assets we will return to God for Mission Possible. On Sunday, October 28, a book of especially composed prayers by our fellow Foundry members was distributed for use each day until Consecration Sunday, November 18.  

GIVE.    Each Sunday during this period, Senior Pastor Dean Snyder will guide us in exploring relevant Scripture and their meaning as we prepare to pledge what we will give as a special three-year commitment to Mission Possible. Each of us is asked to make a significant sacrificial gift to create the facilities necessary to carry out Foundry’s current and future missions and ministries. On Consecration Sunday, November 18 we will each be invited to confirm our response to Mission Possible, pledging our sacrificial gift, an amount over and above our regular annual tithes and offerings.  

BUILD.  With pledges in hand, Foundry will then borrow the remaining funds to transform the fellowship wing, the area between the sanctuary and the educational wing. Construction will begin in 2013 and be completed in 2014 in time for Foundry’s bicentennial. (Architectural drawings of proposed changes can be seen on posters around Foundry, on the timeline in Laws Gallery; the architect’s slides and most of the questions asked on tours and at the June meeting can be found (with answers!) at

Restoring and enhancing our church home is a fitting preparation for Foundry’s bicentennial, a powerful statement of our hope in Foundry’s future witness to the power of God’s love in the world. 

Join us. Your participation makes this MISSION POSSIBLE!