September News Regarding the Foundry Management Board

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Report on Sept. 23 Management Board meeting.


Management Board jumps into stewardship campaign, as church faces budget deficit

Each of the nine members of the Foundry Management Board pledged to help promote the upcoming stewardship campaign by making phone calls and hosting events in an effort to boost pledges for 2015 after they dropped off this year.

The campaign, centered on the theme of “Connexion,” will include testimonials during services, a table in Fellowship Hall, letters and email communication with members and messages from the pulpit. It will culminate in Consecration Sunday on Nov. 23.

Barbara Cambridge, a member of the Stewardship Ministry Team, told the Board at a Sept. 23rd meeting that Foundry’s stewardship approach will evolve to a year-round effort that includes educational components and better targets new members. The definition of stewardship is being expanded beyond monetary donations to include time, talent and other gifts.

“Helping Foundry members to consider carefully their devotion of time, talent and financial resources to the work of the church needs to be done regularly and prayerfully,” Cambridge said.

Board members pledged to take an active role in the upcoming stewardship activities, to demonstrate that the commitments are vital to the life of Foundry Church and to its mission to love God, love each other and change the world.

“We all need to do something, and we need that to be known,” Management Board President Dan Vock said.

A deficit of roughly $252,000 between actual giving and expenses as of Aug. 31 is, in large part, the result of fewer households pledging in last year’s campaign than had pledged in previous years.

The 2014 deficit will likely shrink in the final quarter, because December is typically the month that the church receives the most revenue. Foundry has sufficient operating reserves to cover this year’s deficit, and several Board members said they were optimistic that more households would pledge this year.

Since the last stewardship campaign, Foundry has welcomed Rev. Ginger Gaines-Cirelli to its pulpit; began a yearlong celebration of its bicentennial; became current in all of its annual audits; improved financial reporting; and introduced the first improvements to its facilities paid for by its Mission Possible capital campaign.

Following the meeting, several Board members toured the sanctuary to see the progress in installing a new sound system and video camera. The new systems were up and running by the following Sunday’s worship services. New speakers were installed to allow the choir, clergy and people in the front rows to hear better. New microphones and audio inputs were added, which will improve the worship experience.

The video camera allows for better broadcasts of Foundry’s services over the Internet. The increasingly popular live-streamed services allow Foundry to reach people far beyond its walls. That includes Foundry members who are traveling or sick; visitors, friends and family who want to reconnect to Foundry; and even people who have never visited Washington, D.C. but find Foundry’s vision of justice and inclusion to be compelling.

The improvements are the first of many that will be made to Foundry’s facilities because of the Mission Possible capital campaign. A loan to fund the construction of a first-floor fellowship space is moving forward.

The Foundry Management Board, a nine-person group of elected laypersons, meets monthly to address strategic questions and to monitor fiduciary concerns of the church. Meetings are typically held in the conference room at 7 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of the month (except for in November and December). All are welcome to attend.

The Board can be reached at


-  written by Mark Schoeff Jr. on behalf of the Mission Possible communications ministry team