God the Father Almighty

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A sermon preached by guest preacher Rev. Mark Schaefer at Foundry UMC June 19, 2016, the fifth Sunday after Pentecost, and also Father’s Day.

Text(s): Malachi 2:10-12; John 5:19-23


The most famous prayer in the world begins with a fairly striking
statement: God is a father. The beginning of the Lord’s Prayer are among
the most famous words prayed anywhere. In the Catholic tradition, the
prayer itself is called the “Our Father.”

We Christians are fond of pointing out that Jesus liked to refer to
God this way—the passage read from John’s gospel earlier is full of
Jesus’ reference to God and himself as father and son. Some
of us even claim that Jesus was the first to do so. He was not.
Referring to God as a father can be found throughout the Hebrew
scriptures, as in the scripture lesson we heard read from Malachi

Have we not all one father? Has not on [...]